Physical Activity Break at Work

One of my many hamstring problems is sitting. The longer I sit the more my hamstring hurts. It no longer hurts when I run or when I stretch but I can’t sit for more than an hour.

That can be challenging when you sit at a desk all day, have a three-four (or longer) hour meetings or travel for work. I’m trying to utilize our stand up desk every so often or I sometimes turn my desk into a stand up desk, which helps. Ideally, I would love to have a permanent stand up desk that is fully functional (moves up and down as needed).

Since I don’t currently have that at work, I’m trying to adapt my work space. I put soft foam balls under my hamstring to elevate it, stand up, set up a make-shift stand up desk and sometimes do little work outs.

Besides going for a walk to the library and getting the office post today, I’m giving this one a go!

5 ways to burn calories while at your computer

I found this on Pinterest but it’s from Skinny Mom. It is more focused on burning calories at work but for me it’s a chance to get up from my desk, move a bit, stretch my lets and hopefully…HOPEFULLY, avoid any hamstring pain.

Do you have a stand up desk at work?

Ever do these types of workouts AT WORK?

How do you break up sitting all day at work?

25 thoughts on “Physical Activity Break at Work

  1. I sit with a bunch of gym-bunnies so we talk workout all day. There’s not that much opportunity to actually workout at our desks though. We are TOTALLY open plan. Might look a bit mental. I am a roamer though so i go for walks to chat to people all day. That’s how you find out about all the projects you can insert yourself into!

    • It can be hard when you have an open work space. Mine is two however, there are only two of us in this space and she’s all for being active as well. Though, our office is focused around physical activity, sport and recreation so it wouldn’t be weird for us to do something active. 🙂

      • We’re 250 people in a massive u-shaped office space. Fortunately one of the guys I manage (who sits next to me) trains really hard so we keep each other honest about doing all the workouts we say we’re going to … and we’re a bit competitive.

  2. I have a stand up/sit down work station and I seriously love it. I feel so fortunate to be able to have one. Sometimes when I’m standing I’ll do things like calf raises or knee bends just to get my blood flowing, but it’s not really about burning calories.

  3. We are lucky enough to have desks at work that change height with the push of a button. Last training season I struggled with tight hip flexors, but since I now stand most of the day that hasn’t been an issue. It is way easier to concentrate when standing as well. I’ve been sitting on a stability ball for about 3 years, so now I am rarely sitting and when I am it’s not in a chair!

  4. I have had an adjustable sit/stand desk at work for 2 months now and I love it. Right from the first day I have stood most of the day. I was worried that my legs might be tired but even going from sitting 8 hours to standing 8 hours (overnight change) I didn’t lose any speed on my runs (not that I’m a fast runner anyway). I love it and if ever I change jobs, I’ll be asking for a stand-up desk as part of my contract. 🙂 I can’t imagine going back to sitting all day. I also find that I’m not looking for excuses to get up and move away from my desk just to have a stretch. I can stand there and focus and get my work done.

  5. I have had my sit/stand desk for 2 months now and I can’t imagine going back to sitting all day. Right from day 1 I have stood for pretty much the whole day. I was worried my legs might get tired but I didn’t lose any speed in my running or cycling. 🙂 I’ll certainly be looking for a standup desk if ever I change jobs. I’m also no longer looking for excuses to stretch and move away from my desk which means I’m more productive too.

  6. I’ve set my desk up for standing, but towards the end of the day I’d like to sit a bit and it’s not at all easy to lower. Still better than sitting all day. I also drink a lot of water so I’m always out and about!

  7. These are awesome exercises! I cant sit long either so I stand at my desk but still find myself having to be a little more active then just standing. It good to keep the juices flowing! Thanks for the ideas!

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