Workouts and Running Life Lately

Guess What? We had yet ANOTHER SNOW STORM this past weekend! I know, it’s nuts! We went to Halifax to celebrate my Dad’s 69th birthday and arrived just before the storm hit. I used his snow blower which had a mind of its own, then had to shovel my driveway and my neighbour’s when I got home. Lovely.


Last week’s workouts:

Monday: 4 loads of laundry (What, folding that shit is an arm workout) – SICK KID 😦

Tuesday: 5k Great run on the treadmill, great pace 🙂

Wednesday: Nothing – Start of a head cold for me.

Thursday: Nothing. Super sick.

Friday: 7k on the treadmill – nice easy paced run at 8pm after the girls went to sleep. Head cold wasn’t awesome but I ran through it anyway.

Saturday: Nothing.

Sunday: Shoveled driveways…..YUCK. And ran 6k last night on the treadmill. My lungs weren’t too happy about it but it sure felt good!

My spring running plan has changed a lot. From wanting to run my first FULL Marathon to a Half and then re-evaluating that plan and making another hard decision. More to come on that in the next few days.

I still have pain in my hamstring. Never when I run or stretch but when I’m sitting too long. I bought an exercise ball for my desk at work but after pumping it up (sore triceps) it had a hole in it 😦 I took it back on the weekend and got a new one, hopefully it’s good to go!


I’m off to physio today and am thinking that it will be my last appointment. I figure after 12 or more sessions (12 weeks too), physiotherapy isn’t getting me to the 100% mark. I’m still in pain and it affects me daily. Yeah, I’m still bummed about that. So we’ll see what form of “treatment” I do next; Osteopath, Chiropractor ? I dunno….any suggestions?

How was your weekend?

Tell me your SPRING temperatures, please 🙂

What kind of treatments have you tried out for injury pain?