Injured Runner: From FULL to Half to …..

The title pretty much just sums up my running life.

I’ve been injured for 4 months, thought I was 100% and then ran outside a few weeks ago and hurt so much for a few days afterwards. Really, it was a blow I wasn’t prepared for.

Last year, I ran in 12 races! Twelve! I still can’t believe that. I also know each year is going to be different from the last.

All last year, I knew all that I wanted to run a FULL Marathon and would probably do so in 2015. January rolled around and I finally made the decision to run a spring marathon. That was quickly put off until the Fall since I injured my hamstring play soccer in December and have basically been in physiotherapy for 12 weeks. It’s hard not training for a goal you really wanted to do.

So, I decided to run the Bluenose Half Marathon as it was my first back in big race 2003 (10k) and first half in 2006. Since I injured my hamstring a few weeks ago, I’ve decided not to run the Half anymore and that just really sucks 😦

I was stressing over the training I missed and struggling to even catch up to where I should have been. After a good conversation with my husband, I decided 10k would be enough. It would be do-able. It would be stress-free. And more importantly (I hope), it would allow me a little more time to recover my injured hamstring.


Focusing on the “Just Never Give Up”.

I feel better about my decision to not run the Half and run the 10k. I still have a summer Half in mind and will look at that training plan soon. I have a double race in September – Tartan Twosome at the Maritime Race Weekend – 5k and Half Marathon. AND, I’m still hopeful that I will run the Prince Edward Island FULL Marathon mid October, if not the half.

I’m only allowed to run on the treadmill the last few weeks since we still have lots of snow and ice on our sidewalks and roads. There is no way I can run on the trails as they are covered in snow up to my head – this is no joke!

The plan is to start running outside again but do what I did back in January. 1-2km outside and then I run the rest inside on the treadmill. I will gradually get my hamstring back up to running 5 -10k outside between now and May 17th.

I’m planning on running a 5k in April so we’ll see how that goes. It will be more to test my leg and less time/PR focused.

Though I’m disappointed my running path has changed, I’m still running which is the important piece to remember. It’s hard watching others train for a half or full right now but I have to remember that if I don’t get my hamstring 100%….I won’t be running at all.

Plans change. Life happens. I just have to keep moving forward!

Ever change from one distance to another?

When’s the last time you felt behind in your training plan?

Would you push through the training plan and try to catch up OR re-evaluate and focus on a different distance?


23 thoughts on “Injured Runner: From FULL to Half to …..

  1. I signed up to win Twin Cities last year (early October) from a spin bike (right around this time( as I pedaled, unable to run because of my own injured hamstring. So you know what? It is possible. Life is full of surprises, both fortunate and unfortunate!

  2. Been here and was just consulting a client who had to sit out a race this past weekend. Running and annoying injuries sadly go hand in hand. But I can assure you that of the many times I have had to withdraw from a race to heal my body it has been worth it in the long run and looking back, I don’t miss any of them. It is hard to believe right now, but you will be back and racing before you know it!

    • Ha ha, I wish you could magically fix my hamstring too. But then I would have to tell people and they’d want to run with you/hang out with you and I’m not sure if I’d want to share those powers with other 😉
      We’ll be running together soon!

  3. I’m swinging the other way now. Spring fever has set in and I think the treadmill (with the never changing incline or speed) has been causing the repetitive hip pain. I didn’t run at all for 5 weeks, then did 38 miles in a state park on saturday and it barely hurts. but i’m scared to get back on the mill so spring fever is going to settle in and i’m sticking to the sidewalk for a while.

  4. Ugh, it is super frustrating when your body won’t let you do what your heart desires. You’re definitely making the right decision to focus on recovery first & foremost. I love that never give up quote though- great reminder that at least you’re running right now and things will get better. We all have to step back from training for one reason or another at some point, such is life.

  5. Switching sounds smart…good for you for making the decision! A few years ago, I was training for a full and even finished a 20 miler, but then I got hurt a few weeks before the race and had to miss it. It was sad, but you’ll get back up there!!

  6. I’ve had a couple of DNS. It’s kind of a bummer especially when I had a bunch of friends running those races and I had to sit on the sidelines. But your long term health has to be your number one priority and I think switching to the shorter distance is the sensible call.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy for my friends that are training but it’s hard that I’m not able to enjoy it with them and sit back and watch, ya know!
      Yes, my long term health is more important.

  7. Totally wish you didn’t have to, but switching distances is the right decision. Like someone else said, there will always be other races to run. Just get yourself healthy. And cross-train, cross-train, cross-train!

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