Pumped up Kicks

I got some new kicks!

But first – thanks for all your comments about my Dad from this post. He is recovering well at home and we are going to celebrate his 69th birthday this coming weekend!

2nd – I don’t know if I am coming or going as Hilary is super sick with the FLU. We just about made it 24 hours before she got sick again. I’ve done more laundry and scrubbed the floors then I’ve done in the last month.

3 rd – It took me until 3pm on yesterday to get the end of my driveway cleared from what the lovely plow put in it on Sunday night. Why? Sick kid, laundry and my lovely neighbour was able to watch the girls in the afternoon while I did both our driveways. She amazing!

4th – Sure looking forward to Sai coming home in a few days…even if it’s a quick visit. Hopefully, the sickness will magically disappear before he gets home (and the laundry too).

To the point of this post:

I got some new running sneakers! They are pretty sweet. My husband picked them up while he was working in PEI (Prince Edward Island). There is this little shop called Hashem’s Variety Store. It’s not your typical running store!

I’ve met him once last year when the girls and I were hanging out in PEI (when there was NO SNOW). I quickly ran in the store because I heard about it and wanted to check it out. I no money for new sneakers and only minutes while the girls were behaving themselves in the car with Sai.

PEI last summer +30c not like today and SNOW MOUNTAINS everywhere!

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island {boardwalk}

I’m dreaming of this weather as we are surrounded by SNOW!

It’s a cute little variety store with foods and ALL KINDS of ASICS running sneakers! Seriously!!!! Shelves upon shelves of Asics!

Last year, I bought my second pair of Ascis and have decided I’m sticking with them (pretty much). I bought the Gel Cumulus 15’s from a great little but mighty store in Halifax (Aerobics First).

And, in with the NEW!

They are currently in rough shape but I can’t get rid of them – I love the colours. Anyway, one must move on or get injured. Oh wait, I’m already injured… ha ha…sorry, had to make cause it helps with being injured. If you can’t laugh then you have to frown…no thanks! 

Since my husband works in PEI and we live in NS (yes, he drives about 5 hours for work every few days/weeks), I thought I’d ask him to pick me up a pair of Gel Cumulus 15’s at Hashem’s.  I like to support little businesses and share the love. Don’t worry A1, I’ll be back.

Instead of one pair, Sai picked up two pairs, plus Hashem through in two pairs of Ascis socks! I’ve heard he takes care of his customers – thanks Hashem! So, if you are ever in PEI – look up the store, it’s on the corner. I’ve also heard you can order them over the phone and have them mailed to you!

My pumped up kicks:

Pair #1: WHITE – for my neutral days

pair 1 asics

Pair #2 – PINK – for my bold days.

pair 2 asics

Aren’t they perrrrrrrdy!

I’ve been running in both pairs, alternating which ones I wear sometimes based on what I’m wearing, ha ha. Oh, and I still have my New Balance 890’s.

Are you brand loyal?

Love little local running stores or big box stores?

Happy Running! 


Snow Storms, Running and a Sick Kid

Well, it’s sure been an interesting few days around here! We’ve had three major snow storms in the last 7 days with the last storm last Saturday/Sunday (yesterday).

SNOW in the Spring!

winter march 22

I’ve managed some great treadmill runs in the last week: 5k, 6k, 5k, 8k – all pain free! I got some new shoes and skied last week with Sai and Lilly – a little cross training can’t hurt! However, my spring running plans have changed and I’ll write about that soon. They haven’t changed because it’s still going to be winter for a few more months or so it seems in Nova Scotia. They’ve changed because of my hamstring.

TM running new shoes

The flu has hit us again – well, so far the littlest one 😦  I’m ready for a new week and SPRING like weather…no pressure Mother Nature…no pressure!

How was your weekend? 

Spring like weather or hanging back in Winter like us?

Anyone race this weekend? (Saw a few posts on FB and IG today)

I Skied One For You, Dad.

Okay, maybe more than one.

As I sat on the chair lift yesterday all by myself it made me think of the times growing up on the hill with you. The countless hours of driving to and from the ski hills, lugging our gear from the car to the lodge, helping us with our boots and sometimes our bindings.

The silly songs you sang to us on the chair lift….”ride me down the slopes of clear white snow”. Following us down the double black diamonds or moguls because you were just as excited as us to ski them.

All, greatly appreciated and even more so now. More so now because Sai and I are now doing this with our girls. I never once understood how much effort and work you did just to get us to the ski hill. Once you got us there we were free to challenge our self, learn the hard way sometimes and enjoy being outside as a family.

So yesterday, as I had a few moments to myself going up the chair lift I knew my first run would be for you. Since you were a little tied up.

I got off the chair…took a picture for you….


Then tapped my polls behind me as I’ve always done and said “this one’s for you, Dad”. Off I went, carving my skis in the snow, planting my poles and just going where the hill took me. I felt like I had it all to myself (and you of course).

I managed two more runs yesterday on my own while Lilly and Sai skied and hung out together and each run was for you. Thank you for those hours, those tired moments and those exhausting days. For those moments I look now forward to with our girls and it’s because of you.


Thanks Dad.


It’s been a little quiet over here on the blog as I haven’t had much oomph to write about my random days of running or any adventures we’ve been up to. My father had a heart attack last Saturday and I didn’t feel my writing mattered at that point. Luckily, he is now recovering at home and sends us pictures like this……

“I invested in a new Apple product”

apple watch Dad

THAT’S my Dad!!!


Injured Runner Hashtag……

I was SO close to getting rid of the #injuredrunner hash tag last week and was SO closed to feeling 100%. I was 85-90% feeling better with my hamstring and then something happened  😦 😦 😦

I can’t even pin-point what it was but this is what went down.

Ran 5k at lunch on Thursday – felt great! Conditions were not great but I managed and slowed down my pace when needed. I even walked on the icy sidewalks down hills and was very cautious.

Nice sideways, eh!

Nice sideways, eh!

I foam rolled at work. I stretched a bit (NOT enough and this might have been my biggest mistake). But I did stretch and foam roll, everything I’ve done before after running.

Then, I sat at my desk all afternoon and Thursday evening I was sore so I foam rolled again.

Friday I was in so much pain and was in meetings ALL DAY LONG. Not to mentioned I sat for 1.5 hours each way to my meetings. Roughly 9 hours of siting. We moved a little bit during our meeting – actually we did 10-15 squats in between each hour or so. Yes, my co-workers are that awesome about being active…I mean it’s in our job title (Regional Physical Activity Consultants).

By Friday night my hamstring was ON FIRE and I was super upset. No run for me, no long run this weekend…nothing.

Saturday I took the girls to the indoor soccer facility as they have a free program and it was the last session. We played with a large parachute, ribbons, hoola-hoops and they ran around while I slowly walked. Afterwards, I bought some Arnica pills and was already using the A535 Arnica rub, Ibuprofen and ICE!


Drugs & Rub


My hamstring hurt SO MUCH. I was SO frustrated and upset that this happened. Running is my therapy – not that I’ve got shit going on in my life – but I life happens, ya know! Running is my way of managing my stress, a moment to lose myself in thoughts of nothing and everything. It’s my drug of choice and now I can’t even do that.


Arnica pills – think they are helping.


To say I’m upset is a real understatement. For those that know me in person or on this blog, you’ll know that this is a big set back for me. I’m just done with this injury and the stupid hash tag #injuredrunner. I just want to be healthy again, run long distances (can’t believe I’m saying that), be 100% happy. I mean, I’ve got the word “happiness” tattooed on my hip area for a reason!

Oh – and we are getting ANOTHER WINTER STORM TODAY – 20-35 cm of snow.

Frustrating times of the injured runner……maybe I should have title the post that 😉

Tell me something positive about your running/workouts?

Have you ever tried Arnica to help heal your muscles etc?

A535 user? Tiger Balm? Or something else?