Kid in a Candy Shop

That’s how I felt yesterday! I got a call around lunch time that the Physiotherapist I’m scheduled to see on May 11th had two openings next week! When she gave me the date (May 4th), I jumped at it and was so excited……I was like a kid in a candy shop 🙂

Honestly, I’m excited because that’s one more week I don’t have to wait to start this new path of treatment on my hamstring.

Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day!

I was hoping to run last night and managed 5k. I took it nice and slow and watched “The Mindy Project”. I stretched, foam rolled and then iced my hamstring just in case. After 20 minutes, I realised I had the ice pack on backwards (is that even possible – yes!). My bed was colder than my leg…whoops! So far my leg is good today, no pain but not feeling 100%. My calf muscle has been giving me some problems too…not to mention my glutes. My whole right side is pretty wonky right now!

It was an Asics, Balega, and Adidas kind of run.

It was an Asics, Balega, and Adidas kind of run.

My current workout plan is to run one day/ a few PT exercises and then the next day do more PT and strength training exercises. I’d love to try to fit in a trip to GoodLife Fitness in the city when my schedule permits, one of these days. I’d really love to tackle a body pump class but am going to wait for the a-o-kay from my new Physiotherapist before I can attempt that…..might be a few weeks or months away but that’s okay.

PS – It snowed yesterday….I’m not kidding! I was sitting in a meeting and the snow was just coming down. Luckily, it melted as soon as it hit the ground, thank goodness. It’s expected to snow again today, WTF!!!!

Ever get excited about an appointments that get’s bumped up?

What’s your favourite go-to work out right now? 

Anyone else getting random snow ?

My First DNS

It’s official…I’ve had my first DID NOT START!

I was supposed to run the ATF 5k (Apple Tree Foundation) this morning with my running buddy and after seeing my Osteopath last week, she recommended no running outside for at least 2 weeks 😦 I think I’m more sad that I can’t do a race/run with my running buddy more than having a DNS. It’s been months since we ran together and I miss her company and motivation. The DNS, meh…it’s not what a runner wants but at least my registration goes towards a good fundraising event.

I did however manage a nice 5k run on the treadmill yesterday afternoon. My leg felt great during my run and afterwards was leg was great…or so I thought. We went out to pick up a few groceries and when we got home it was starting to get sore. So, I grabbed some ice and sat down for a little bit. I believe I left the ice on for 30 minutes (a little long) and then just used my ace-bandage to compress the muscles.

We bathed the girls and I was starting to feel like my leg was feeling a little better. I ice it again before going to bed and stayed off it for the night.

Last week’s workouts:

Monday: Nothing, still in pain.

Tuesday {Osteopath} / Wednesday / Thursday: Nothing – 100% rest days.

Friday: A few PT exercises. I was going to run but just wasn’t feeling 100% so it was a night with the fam-jam.

Saturday: 5k treadmill run, stretched and foam rolled {later that night}.  I wore my “Keep Calm & Run On” shirt as I thought I needed a little motivation since I knew Sunday morning’s 5k race wasn’t going to happen.

Pre run treadmill selfie

Pre run treadmill selfie

Sunday {today}: My first DNS 😦 No running today as I want to rest my leg but I’ll my PT exercises later today.

Have you ever had a DNS?

If you have a running buddy/group – do you dislike missing running with them when it happens?

How was your weekend?

Friday Happenings…..

It’s been a busy week and a full week without running! The last time that happened was probably in December when I decided to try and rest my hamstring injury. I can’t say it’s been easy to sit and watch others run or read about other’s amazing runs (especially those that ran Boston), but it has been inspiring.

It’s keeping me hanging on to the sport I enjoy so much and excited for what’s to come in the future for my running. And by future I mean over the next few months and later this year.

I’m three days post Osteopath appointment and am supposed to rest for 3-4 days. I’m super eager to jump on the treadmill tonight but am thinking I might even take tonight as non-running night. I feel like my body just needs the rest. Then tomorrow I’ll hit the pavement….treadmill and test out my leg. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention since I can’t actually run on pavement right now 😉

Last Tuesday, I asked my Osteopath why I was having so many problems running outside verse the treadmill. Running on the treadmill is consistent and running outside you can be all over the place and we compensate for that. Apparently, when I compensate for the terrain my whole body was pulling to the right. This was causing pain afterwards in my hamstring/glutes.

I decided to break up with my last Physiotherapist and am booked in with one at our local University. Funny enough, he treated me {my back} when I was a student there many years ago. It’s not until May 11th, which to me is too far away but I’m holding out because I know I will get the results I want from him. He also comes highly recommended by my friend/coworker/ironwomen/runner; so I will wait.

I want a plan. I want a plan to get me better, stronger, healthier and running long distances again. My goal of running a FULL marathon is still on the table but it might just have to wait longer then I set out to do it. And, that’s life.

For now, I will enjoy what running I can do on the treadmill, my PT exercises and hanging with my girls and husband.

I had to work last night but it was a lot of fun. I was on the road and we stopped to get something to eat….a massive meal at Coco Pesto {my first time}:

1/4 beef patty with Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork and Bacon

1/4 beef patty with Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork and Bacon

Then got a text with this photo:


So cute. I fell more in love with my husband when I saw he bought them each a pink rose. Later, I found out that he bought me a red rose 😉

Instead of running tonight, I’m going to hang out with my girls and Sai….just a fun family night heading into the adventures of our weekend.

What are your weekend plans?

Ever switch health care providers? (Massage, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor’s, Doctor’s etc.) 

Do you use recommendations of others or go your own route?

Treadmill Fixed….Happy Girl.

After almost of week of looking broken {really, my treadmill just needed to be adjusted so the belt wouldn’t keep buckling} I finally managed to fix THE BEAST. I put off using the treadmill because I was in a fair amount of pain on the weekend and running was out of the question. Then after my Osteopath appointment on Tuesday, I had to take a few days to rest as your body resets itself (at least that’s how I understand it).

"LUBE BELT" incident {again}

~Treadmill out of order since last Thursday~

Good lord, they should really teach small mechanics to everyone (plus plumping, car repair and hair design) – Yes, I truly believe we should all learn that…OH, and how to change a tire. Anyway……..

I ended up taking the tail end of the treadmill apart to see why I couldn’t get the belt to tighten up and not buckle. There were a few loose screws so I took it even more apart then I normally would. Trial by error, right? The buckling that was happening on the right side of the belt would lead to it breaking and that’s just not something I wanted to do since I am only allowed to run indoors. I could run outside but it’s not advise since it causes me so much pain currently.

To say my treadmill is my life line is pretty correct. With my husband away (previously 2-4 weeks at a time) for 5 days at a time currently, I can only run during the evenings once the chores are done, once the girls go to bed….screw the chores 😉 I can’t run outside with my injury at the moment so “runches” are off the table for the time being. Running is a way to relieve stress and to take care of myself.

Ummm, what's this piece for again?

Ummm, what’s this piece for again?

After learning about all the small parts to our treadmill, I finally managed to tightened everything back up after adjusting the belt. Since I couldn’t run on it last night(1 more day), I walked on it for a short period of time to make sure it was good to go.

THE BEAST is all fixed so I can run tomorrow night! Kinda excited about it but don’t worry, I’ll take it easy. Keep an eye on my Instagram for my run 🙂

Have you ever taken a treadmill apart?

What’s one thing you’ve learned to fix on your own? 

Anyone running this weekend? I’m a DNS for the ATF 5k 😦