A Little Confidence Booster

March was an okay running month for me. Though I am no where close to where I was last year, I am perfectly fine with that.

I did managed to ski a few times with Lilly 🙂


I’ve learned that having a cheering squad when you chop wood for kindling is the best thing ever! Yes, my girls say “Good job Mama” and “Way to go” after I successful chop a piece of wood.

I volunteered at the Hypothermic Half. I’ve had some good runs and ONE terrible run that set me back again however, I’m moving forward.

Yesterday, I took advantage of the sunshine and being off work a little early since I started my day that much earlier.

I jumped on the treadmill and ran 3k and then took off outside once my Green Garmin caught the satellite. It was like my poor Garmin forgot how to catch the satellite…hummm, maybe that’s a sign I need to get out more! Slowly but surely I will.

I took off running down my road which was clear of snow for the most part.

march 31st run

I was running fast and my legs were happy about it. I decided I wanted to see what kind of pace I could do so I kept that pace up. Really, it felt like I was testing my lung capacity!

First kilometer: 5:47 Second kilometer: 5:44 (after dodging one small section of snow/ice that I walked through). Ahhhhhh…….just what I needed. A little confidence booster to realise I am where I want to be.

The plan is to run on the treadmill and then run outside 1-2 km, then bump that up to 3-4 km, then 5-6 km outside. In time I’ll get there but for now I’m just going to enjoy yesterday’s little confidence booster.

Oh and so far my hamstring today is good. I’m bouncing sitting on my exercise ball at my desk and am feeling pretty good.

Have you had any confidence boosters lately?

Runners – how’s your pace after this winter? (Okay, for all us Nova Scotians – how’s your pace after THIS winter?)

Ever have your own personal cheering squad ?