Rest & Relax {they said}

Well, you guessed it…right now I’m on a few days of REST. No running, no foam rolling, no stretching, no yoga! Just like that. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing.

I saw my Osteopath yesterday and it went great. It made me realize (well, all my physio, massage etc.) appointments made me realize that I really should have study human kinetics. It’s never too late, right!?!  No, I’m not making a career change but I like learning about how the body functions and I’m sure learning a lot about mine lately with my hamstring injury.

Yes, I’m still injured. Frig, I know! It’s all good as I truly feel I am finally on my way to a good recovery finally. It only took four months.

Back to the Osteopath – they have magic hands, that’s the only way I can explain them. Google them if you don’t know what they are. They helped both girls with nursing issues when they were first-born – serious life changing moments.

She did treatment on my calf, my hamstring, my hip flexor, my glutes, my lower back, my stomach and did something to my kidney as it was being pulled downwards. Crazy! It’s a case of the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, etc. There was a lot of pulling from my hip flexor in both directions which was causing the pain in my glutes and hamstring for the last few weeks = not healing 100%. Makes sense. Now, the kidney thing doesn’t make sense to me but whatever, she’s the expert.


My 7k run Wednesday night.



I feel good, had to ice my hamstring last night but that was to be expected. So, I can’t do anything for 3-4 days which really isn’t that bad. Last night I took it easy and will do the same tonight. This weekend I’m busy with the girls and then will do a light run Sunday if time permits.

Lilly has her first swimming lessons 🙂 tomorrow and then we’re heading to a fundraiser for my running buddy! She’s running in the Bluenose Marathon – HALF – and raising money for the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. You can see make a donation here 😉

Any exciting weekend plans?

Would you rather Rest & Relax this weekend or Race/Event this weekend?