Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Running Strong Book {Review}

I recently had the opportunity to read ingest Dr. Jordan’ Metzl’s new book called “Running Strong”. The Sports Doctor’s Complete Guide To Staying Healthy & Injury-Free For Life”! When this book first arrived on my doorstep, I was alone with the girls as my husband was away that day working. Once we got in the house I quickly opened the package, saw the book and opened it up to this page:

Dr. J M hamstring PR

Hamstring foam rolling exercises.

It couldn’t be more appropriate! As you know, I’ve been battling a hamstring injury that occurred in December while playing soccer. Then it got worse with running and I started my medical treatment in January. It’s been a LONG…L-O-N-G road. I’ve read this book from beginning to end and back again. It’s not only what my body (hamstring) needed but my mind as well.

Dr. Jordan Metzl is a sports medicine physician, an 12 x Ironman (finisher) a 32 x Marathon runner AND a fitness instructor of IronStrength!

THE BOOK: It’s broken up into 5 sections:  {I made notes as I was that invested in the book}

Dr. Jordan Metzl's book PR

PART 1: Nuts & Bolts

The key take away from this section for me was 1) Foam roll every day and 2) Sleep and 3) Pay attention to your pain. There was more to this section but I can’t give it all away.

PART 2: Uh-oh: What’s That Pain?

This is the largest section of the book and focuses on the body from your feet to your upper body. Dr. Metzl explains why we get hurt and how we can correct what we are doing. There are pictures with bones, ligaments etc. to show where the pain is coming from; describes symptoms and stretches and workouts to do. He then goes on to tell you what to do to recovery and then prevent it in the future. I’m currently turning the pages in the “hips, groin and glutes” over and over again as that’s my problem area. This will be my running bible!

PART 3: Getting The Most from Your Machine

In this section Dr. Metzl shares his “IronStrength Workout for Runners”.  You bet I’ll be doing this workout once a week starting very soon, I just hope I survive it 🙂 Again, this is filled with images of the workout and foam rolling/stretching techniques. He even goes into the Science of Running Physiology, which I’m 100% interested in. This is at a level that I feel I can comprehend and learn from to improve my running.

PART 4: Tools of the Trade 

What’s important for runners? Food, and equipment! I know this is a section that I can learn a lot from. My food intake is about 70% good and the rest not so good. He talks about super foods, eating to run, for races and leaves you with tips for healthy eating. Good Shoes and Cool Clothing are another topic he goes into. Good shoes are key as is appropriate clothing and SUNSCREEN should never be forgotten!

PART 5: His & Hers

Dr. Metzl talks about a little about running and pregnancy and provides 9 tips. Stinky feet and bloody nipples starts off the men’s section…I’m going to leave it at that 😉


He provides multiple training plans (5k, 10k, 1/2 and Full Marathon) for the beginner, intermediate and advanced runner. Going to give these training plans a test out for some future races.


Throughout the book there is various stories of athletes that had an injury and what they did to recovery from that injury. It makes it feel more real. Why? Well for me, they are true stories that I could related to from years of soccer, running and other sports I grew up playing. On top of the great information there is a Blipp APP throughout the book. Once downloaded to your mobile device, you can link from the page in the book to video’s on-line! Kinda sweet, eh!

Changes I’ve made since receiving this book:

  • I do squats every day (even when I don’t have time for my PT exercises).
  • I’m not so investing in running 100% running all the time like I was last year.
  • I am introducing consistent cross training (IronStrength, Yoga, DVD workouts that I used to do)
  • I foam roll EVERY DAY now (not just when I run).

A few other key points I learned (and yes wrote down):

  1. “It’s pure hell – physically & emotionally – when you’re injured and can’t run”. I figure this one out months ago, it sure hit home. 
  2. “Daily exercise – even when you’re injured – IS the best medicine”. Must remember.
  3. “If running is your only activity; you have strength imbalance”.

I loved the book and highly recommend it to all runners. For more information on Dr. Jordan Metzl’s you can find it on his website drjordanmetzl.com ; along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You can purchase the book here. Trust me, you’ll want to add this to your collection.

Please note, I was provided this book to do a review from Runner’s World; all opinions are my own. Thank you Runner’s World 🙂 

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