Sad Drum Roll………still freaking injured!

I feel like I am a sounding like a broken record. I’ve been injured for FOUR months – this is by far, the L-O-N-G-E-S-T I have ever had an injury – EVER!

It’s beyond frustrating and I am at a complete lost for what to do……..other then go back to see my family Doctor in three weeks (that’s the earliest I could get in) and see what I should do next. For now, I see the Osteopath tomorrow – thank goodness and I might be stuck running on my treadmill for life.

Last week’s workouts:

Note: PT exercises, foam rolling and stretching are a constant. I plank a few days a week.Β 

Sunday: 5k easy treadmill run – it was great.


Treadmill run πŸ™‚


Monday: Woke up with a bruised feeling on my hamstring only later that night to find the actual bruise. I had no pain other then the bruise feeling.

Tuesday: 6k treadmill run – really good run.

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: 8 minute warm up walk before resetting my treadmill then “LUBE BELT” appeared. The friggin’ thing won’t work until you lube it up…so I did. And if you remember the last time I touched the belt….well, I couldn’t get it fixed. Needless to say my treadmill is still looking like this………

"LUBE BELT" incident {again}

“LUBE BELT” incident {again}

Friday: 5k run outside…it was lovely…just awesome. I even managed my first sub 30 – 5k {29:18} for the year! The run was great, my legs felt good (hamstring fine), my lungs were challenged with the cool air, the three long hills kicked by butt however I managed to run up them and not walk.

An awesome 5k run at night.

An awesome 5k run at night.

It was like OLD time running. Hard but good. I loved the fresh air and just being outside.

Saturday/Sunday – NOTHING because I was in a lot of pain with my hamstring. I’m almost ready to give up BUT……..I have another Osteopath appointment on Tuesday. PLUS, I am seeing results since my last Osteopath appointment. I no longer have pain when sitting in a chair. I only noticed this last week after 2 hours of sitting. I looked at the time and realized that I should get up and move around, THEN noticed that I had no pain – so that’s a BIG WIN for now.

I’m home sick today – stomach bug that I’m hoping the girls don’t get. It would have been a perfect day to go for a run but after a 2 hour morning nap I’m thinking I might just go for a short walk. Just enough to get some sunshine on my face and fresh air into my lungs. Then catch up on Boston!

I guess for my running,Β I’m thinking no running or at least no running over 3-4k outside on hills is out of the question for me for a while. I may just have my first DNS on the weekend and I can’t even begin to think about running the Bluenose 10k that I registered for in May.

How was your weekend?

Are you watching BOSTON today? (so exciting)

A little shout out to Heather at Girl Goes Running. Good luck girl!Β 

What’s the longest time you’ve been injured?

26 thoughts on “Sad Drum Roll………still freaking injured!


  2. Sorry that your are not feeling well today and that your leg is bothering you again! I am watching Boston… the mustard is to stop cramps. And it works. So does pickle juice. I am not sure if it is the vinegar or something else… I did do some research a few years ago when I first read about it/discovered it.

    • I think it will be at least a full week until I can run again…and probably will have to stay off the road. But if I can still run on the treadmill then I’ll take it over not running.
      And, thank you.

  3. Man that stinks! This stupid thing will not go away. My hip feels exactly the same way. Nothing, no pain, then I will jog from the parked car 20 strides into the grocery store and will be in agonizing pain again. this totally sucks, but at least you’re not alone.

    • I’ve run up to 8k on the treadmill multiple times over the last two months…so distance on the treadmill is okay. I’ve run 3k outside (besides the 5k the other night) without any pain. The pain after running is only after being outside. Thanks….I’m trying hard not to give up however I may have to not run for a few weeks and slowly get back into it …. AGAIN.

  4. So sorry! I’ve been battling a piriformis injury since October. It’s no fun! You are doing awesome with powering through though! I’m so scared to run – I’ve gotten maybe 10 minutes of running in this month! I got to get over my fears and test out my bum! πŸ™‚

  5. I really hope you get some relief with your injury soon. Being injured is a real bummer 😦

    Anna thank you so much for the shout out! I am just able to catch up on blog reading now since I’ve been away and have been doing laundry since my arrival home, lol. It was such a great day!

    • Me too! It’s been a long four months but I’m not ready to give up just yet. Just have to find the right mix of treatment to get stronger.
      It was really exciting to follow your amazing Boston run. Enjoy the high πŸ™‚

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