When a Mother Runner is Injured & Sick

Double whammy!

Injured hamstring and stomach bug…not fun times these last few days but life goes on! When you happen to be a mother who runs and is injured and get the stomach bug….very little running happens.

So, what DOES a (this) Mother Runner do when injured and sick:

  • You do what you can get to your kids to day care/school in the morning – sometimes it’s not pretty.
  • Once you get back home, you sleep. Alone. No disruptions. Woah!
  • You try to eat bland food (Banana’s, Rice, Apple Sauce, Toast – works for adults too) but can’t stomach much.
  • You watch TV or the Boston Marathon since it happened to be on the day you stayed home from work (a.k.a. sickest day of the year).
  • While checking in on some runners, you think “I could totally run today, it’s sunny and beautiful outside”.
  • Then you plan a walk because the thought of running injured AND sick isn’t awesome.
  • You think you can walk 2k and even pull out your trusty buddy: Green Garmin

green garmin

  • Then your head starts to pound and you put your Garmin away and pop some Ibuprofen.
  • You re-evaluate your 2k walk to “I’ll just walk around the corner and get the mail”.
  • You lace up your OLD sneakers because why would you put on your new ones for “just a walk”.

I SEE GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Oh, fresh air is lovely and the sun is warm….you are probably getting some new freckles as you walk into the sun. Sunscreen…dammit, I forgot to put it on.
  • After you get the mail you decided to walk around the block, I mean…you’ve already made it outside AND got the mail you might as well get a few steps towards your daily 10,000 goal because Fitbit Flex is going to know you’ve been a lazy lizard today.
  • Then your head starts pounding and you pick up your walking pace because you just want to get home.
  • You may or may not read your husbands Canadian Running Magazine that arrived in the mail.


  • You think about the rest of your day: picking up your kids, dinner, bath…it’s it bed time yet? When is Sai home again?
  • You dream about healthy days, somehow get the girls fed, bathed and in bed.
  • You go to bed.
  • 15 minutes after going to bed you realize you have KT tape in your running supplies…so you jump online to search “KT Tape hamstring” and attempt to tape your hamstring by night-light. WTF?
  • It doesn’t work so you just go to bed.

The current life of this mother runner πŸ˜‰

PS – I went to the Osteopath yesterday and now HURT ALL OVER! Seriously, I hurt everywhere and she warned me I would feel like this. But it’s all good.

Good news: I can run after Friday. Bad news: I can’t run outside for 2 weeks. So Sunday’s ATF 5k is out and I’m okay with that because I can STILL run on my treadmill and focus on getting stronger.

Also good news: I think I got my appetite back πŸ™‚

And last but not least – Thanks for all your positive comments on my long lasting hamstring injury. I appreciate your comments and ideas to get me better πŸ™‚

Do you try to run when you are home sick?

Did you watch Boston?Β 

Do you keep your old sneakers for walking/house stuff?


14 thoughts on “When a Mother Runner is Injured & Sick

  1. I’ve actually gone for a run when I was sick thinking a short run would make me feel better, and then halfway through had that gurgling feeling and had to speedwalk home for a km hoping I wouldn’t have anything horrible happen… (I made it home) πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better. And that was a good issue of Canadian Running.

  2. Aw, bummer about your race, but I’m glad the stomach bug is abating. I honestly don’t know how you can take care of two little ones feeling like crap. I’m a huge baby when I’m sick and just whine and wallow in my misery.

    • Stomach bugs are the worst! The only way I could function was to have the girls in day care and sleep while they weren’t home. Once they were home it was simply a matter of survival until their bed time…I may have used the TV that night to keep the a little quiet πŸ˜‰

  3. I ran this morning! First time all month, no hip pain at all. it was so amazing. Stick with the recovery procedure, your hammy will loosen up eventually! There is hope.

  4. I really struggle with knowing when not to work out if I am sick… and then if I don’t I feel so incredibly guilty. I still have this fear that if I miss a day unplanned I will never go back again. Hope you are feeling better. (I am a bit behind after my holiday).

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