Treadmill Fixed….Happy Girl.

After almost of week of looking broken {really, my treadmill just needed to be adjusted so the belt wouldn’t keep buckling} I finally managed to fix THE BEAST. I put off using the treadmill because I was in a fair amount of pain on the weekend and running was out of the question. Then after my Osteopath appointment on Tuesday, I had to take a few days to rest as your body resets itself (at least that’s how I understand it).

"LUBE BELT" incident {again}

~Treadmill out of order since last Thursday~

Good lord, they should really teach small mechanics to everyone (plus plumping, car repair and hair design) – Yes, I truly believe we should all learn that…OH, and how to change a tire. Anyway……..

I ended up taking the tail end of the treadmill apart to see why I couldn’t get the belt to tighten up and not buckle. There were a few loose screws so I took it even more apart then I normally would. Trial by error, right? The buckling that was happening on the right side of the belt would lead to it breaking and that’s just not something I wanted to do since I am only allowed to run indoors. I could run outside but it’s not advise since it causes me so much pain currently.

To say my treadmill is my life line is pretty correct. With my husband away (previously 2-4 weeks at a time) for 5 days at a time currently, I can only run during the evenings once the chores are done, once the girls go to bed….screw the chores 😉 I can’t run outside with my injury at the moment so “runches” are off the table for the time being. Running is a way to relieve stress and to take care of myself.

Ummm, what's this piece for again?

Ummm, what’s this piece for again?

After learning about all the small parts to our treadmill, I finally managed to tightened everything back up after adjusting the belt. Since I couldn’t run on it last night(1 more day), I walked on it for a short period of time to make sure it was good to go.

THE BEAST is all fixed so I can run tomorrow night! Kinda excited about it but don’t worry, I’ll take it easy. Keep an eye on my Instagram for my run 🙂

Have you ever taken a treadmill apart?

What’s one thing you’ve learned to fix on your own? 

Anyone running this weekend? I’m a DNS for the ATF 5k 😦