Friday Happenings…..

It’s been a busy week and a full week without running! The last time that happened was probably in December when I decided to try and rest my hamstring injury. I can’t say it’s been easy to sit and watch others run or read about other’s amazing runs (especially those that ran Boston), but it has been inspiring.

It’s keeping me hanging on to the sport I enjoy so much and excited for what’s to come in the future for my running. And by future I mean over the next few months and later this year.

I’m three days post Osteopath appointment and am supposed to rest for 3-4 days. I’m super eager to jump on the treadmill tonight but am thinking I might even take tonight as non-running night. I feel like my body just needs the rest. Then tomorrow I’ll hit the pavement….treadmill and test out my leg.ย Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention since I can’t actually run on pavement right now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last Tuesday, I asked my Osteopath why I was having so many problems running outside verse the treadmill. Running on the treadmill is consistent and running outside you can be all over the place and we compensate for that. Apparently, when I compensate for the terrain my whole body was pulling to the right. This was causing pain afterwards in my hamstring/glutes.

I decided to break up with my last Physiotherapist and am booked in with one at our local University. Funny enough, he treated me {my back} when I was a student there many years ago. It’s not until May 11th, which to me is too far away but I’m holding out because I know I will get the results I want from him. He also comes highly recommended by my friend/coworker/ironwomen/runner; so I will wait.

I want a plan. I want a plan to get me better, stronger, healthier and running long distances again. My goal of running a FULL marathon is still on the table but it might just have to wait longer then I set out to do it. And, that’s life.

For now, I will enjoy what running I can do on the treadmill, my PT exercises and hanging with my girls and husband.

I had to work last night but it was a lot of fun. I was on the road and we stopped to get something to eat….a massive meal at Coco Pesto {my first time}:

1/4 beef patty with Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork and Bacon

1/4 beef patty with Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork and Bacon

Then got a text with this photo:


So cute. I fell more in love with my husband when I saw he bought them each a pink rose. Later, I found out that he bought me a red rose ๐Ÿ˜‰

Instead of running tonight, I’m going to hang out with my girls and Sai….just a fun family night heading into the adventures of our weekend.

What are your weekend plans?

Ever switch health care providers? (Massage, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor’s,ย Doctor’s etc.)ย 

Do you use recommendations of others or go your own route?

12 thoughts on “Friday Happenings…..

  1. I wish I could have run this week – I have been down with the flu since Friday! Trying it tonight for a shortie – and maybe a bit on the weekend. Sorry to hear you still hare having issues running outside. Say, do you have a track near you? I run a short distance to a track and then run there for speedwork or interval type work and I like the spongy feel…maybe that might help a bit once you get back outside? have a lovdely family night! fun xx

    • The flu just sucks the life out of you. Hope you feel better soon. I haven’t thought about running on the track – only because it’s been covered in snow until this week (seriously!). However, it’s a great idea. Maybe I should give that a go before pavement. Will definitely consider that, thanks.

  2. I say that you know your body, you know your life, and you know what is going to keep you sane. If running period makes you happy, do it on the tmill for a bit until you get yourself back to a place that you feel is ready for being outside.
    And like you said, run what you can, and be with your family.
    As to doctors, etc–a second opinion never hurts. I’ve switched many times.

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