Kid in a Candy Shop

That’s how I felt yesterday! I got a call around lunch time that the Physiotherapist I’m scheduled to see on May 11th had two openings next week! When she gave me the date (May 4th), I jumped at it and was so excited……I was like a kid in a candy shop 🙂

Honestly, I’m excited because that’s one more week I don’t have to wait to start this new path of treatment on my hamstring.

Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day!

I was hoping to run last night and managed 5k. I took it nice and slow and watched “The Mindy Project”. I stretched, foam rolled and then iced my hamstring just in case. After 20 minutes, I realised I had the ice pack on backwards (is that even possible – yes!). My bed was colder than my leg…whoops! So far my leg is good today, no pain but not feeling 100%. My calf muscle has been giving me some problems too…not to mention my glutes. My whole right side is pretty wonky right now!

It was an Asics, Balega, and Adidas kind of run.

It was an Asics, Balega, and Adidas kind of run.

My current workout plan is to run one day/ a few PT exercises and then the next day do more PT and strength training exercises. I’d love to try to fit in a trip to GoodLife Fitness in the city when my schedule permits, one of these days. I’d really love to tackle a body pump class but am going to wait for the a-o-kay from my new Physiotherapist before I can attempt that…..might be a few weeks or months away but that’s okay.

PS – It snowed yesterday….I’m not kidding! I was sitting in a meeting and the snow was just coming down. Luckily, it melted as soon as it hit the ground, thank goodness. It’s expected to snow again today, WTF!!!!

Ever get excited about an appointments that get’s bumped up?

What’s your favourite go-to work out right now? 

Anyone else getting random snow ?

14 thoughts on “Kid in a Candy Shop

  1. I definitely get excited when I can get to the doctor faster… when I decide I want something fixed I want it fixed NOW 🙂

    I witnessed some snow on Saturday when I was in Pittsburgh, but luckily we are past all of that here in NC!

  2. Yuck to snow. We have been getting some on and off hail, but it’s been in the mid 60s (F) this week. Hello summer?

  3. I’m so happy to hear that you got an earlier appointment! Thankfully we haven’t gotten any more snow since Friday morning, and it’s supposed to be sunny and warm here all week, hooray!

  4. How did you get snow in April? that’s insane. we’re in the 60’s down here, much colder than normal for this time of year but it’s still well past the last frost date. Good luck at the appt!

  5. If it snows again here, I will seriously just pack up and leave. Screw Alex being Chief Resident. And I was able to get an appointment with the PMR doc this am at 8, so I jumped on it, I was thinking I would be waiting for at least a week!! Good luck to both of us!

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