The Pressure is Off.

Well, I made a hard decision the other day with my running. I’m not going to run the Bluenose Marathon 10k in two weeks. It’s a hilly, hilly course and one that I got my first 10k PB at last year.

I was okay with not running the Bluenose 10k as I was told I could defer my registration until next year. So naturally, I was really excited and happy about this. I figured I could at least Volunteer. Then I got an email saying I can’t defer since I was a “complementary entry” – basically, last fall at a conference I bid on the registration for $30 figuring I’d run the half. Well, you all know my current injury situation that won’t allow for me to run outside at the moment.

Anyway, they can’t defer it. 😦 So, I’m bummed about that but feel the pressure is now off.

Then, I was hoping to volunteer to specifically hand give out metals but that’s all full so I need to decide if I want to volunteer along the course on my own or another station within the event. Volunteering along the course is fun but I’d rather do it with some friends. So, I might just go cheer on some friends running and take in what I can.

The fun news:

1. Lilly is running the 2km kids run πŸ™‚ at Bluenose. She’s pumped already and I have to admit…I’m really looking forward to it and hanging out with her at such a big event!

2. I’m speaking in a Panel around “Social Media and it’s impact on the Running Community” with 3-4 others from #RunATCan {Running Atlantic Canada)…so that’s really exciting.

3. I saw my NEW physiotherapist today….1.5 hours later, I have a new plan! It starts with me running tonight (5k) since I’ve been sick for the last 4 days with yet another head cold (as was Lilly).

I can do the following:

  • Run inside at a comfortable pace (no hill training or fast pace)
  • PT exercises (Bridge, Lunge and Squats 4 x week (2 sets of 15) – one right after the other with no breaks in between
  • Seeing the Osteopath tomorrow πŸ™‚
  • See Chris {new physio guy} again Friday, then weekly after that. The pocket book isn’t going to like this one!
  • Have been advised to not run outside, especially hills right now (Good thing I’m not running Bluenose)

I’ve been off social media for a few days and haven’t even picked up my phone to take any photo’s…so here’s an oldy but goody.


Piper in her HAPPY running place September 2014 (Maritime Race Weekend)

Stay tuned for an update on my injury/physio appointment …. and I’ll get back to better blogging πŸ™‚

Ever defer your registration until the next year?

Anyone participate in a kids run with their kids (or niece or nephew)

How was your weekend?

18 thoughts on “The Pressure is Off.

  1. My youngest daughter and I have done a one mile fun run the last couple of years, and had a BLAST!! My weekend was pretty good, filled with half marathons and yummy food! Praying for good news for your appointment!

  2. What a bummer about not being able to defer! But I am glad that the pressure is off. It can be tough to make that decision, but ultimately it’s probably for the best. And I’m glad that you can still run, even though it’s inside only–that’s better than nothing!

    • Yeah it is a bummer but at least the money I spent ($30) went to a good cause and I didn’t spend the full amount $60 on registration.
      I’m glad I can still run too, when my new physio said that. I almost jumped for joy!

  3. You must feel so releived now that you don’t have the pressure of racing on a vulnerable hamstring. I totally get it. I’ve made a plan to race less this year for physical reasons. One year at the Blue Nose I volunteered handing out race kits and then the next day at the race I was one of those people in the metro centre asking if you’d like your results! πŸ™‚ I LOVED handing out race kits!

    • I feel less stressed out about trying to get to the start line, that’s for sure. And, running should never stress you out! It’s been year’s since I volunteered at Bluenose so it could be fun this year.
      I’m excited to “run” with Lilly again πŸ™‚

  4. Good luck with the new physiotherapist! I’ve deferred registration, and just flat out not gone to a race due to injury. As a matter of fact, I was training to do two marathons in one weekend (why, I have no clue) and I ended up with a stress fx (what a shocker) and didn’t go – or defer. They were in New England and I was in PA. The following year, I smartened up and wouldn’t consider the two for one deal. If something is telling you not to go, you are making the right choice. The risk of being sidelined for longer is too great. Your body knows best!!

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