When Runners Can’t Run

Sometimes not running can be a good thing {I can’t believe I just wrote that down!}. But seriously, it can be good for your body and even sometimes your mind.

You may have noticed I’ve been doing a little reading around here with Dr. Jordan Metzl’s and Meb for Mortals book reviews. I’ve also been reading “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” and am really enjoying it. It’s chalk full of running tips, stories, training plans for 5k – full marathons and soundtracks of music!!! Interesting, eh!!!

Well, last night I think this mother runner hit the all time high of what to do when you can’t run. I decided to bake. I had planned to make these amazing cookies: Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies. If you’ve never made them, it’s a must. Anyway….

I figured since I was turning on the oven I’d make some muffins as well. Again, I didn’t just make one kind. In the end I made a batch of carrot cake oatmeal cookies, blueberry muffin’s and banana muffins.


The banana muffins were supposed to be “chocolate chip banana muffins” as requested by the girls but I kinda forgot about the chocolate chips as they were hiding under the cooling racks, dang! Guess I’ll just have to bake again in a few days πŸ˜‰ Oh and, none of these are vegan!!!! My poor husband will come home to all this – or half of it – and realise he can’t eat any of it.

Let me just say, I could eat it all right now and may have tested all three last night and for breakfast this morning.

What’s a girl do to?

What do you do when you can’t run (or workout)?

If you bake, do you bake more than one thing at a time?

Ever forget a key ingredient in a recipe before?

PS – I’m hoping to run tonight…..can’t eat all the muffin’s and cookies and not run πŸ˜‰

11 thoughts on “When Runners Can’t Run

  1. When I can’t run or workout, I actually knit! LOL. I’ve been knitting since I’m eight and it’s the complete opposite of running. I also spend a good about of time cooking and baking. Last time I made these Paleo Cookie Dough Balls that I love I forgot the almond meal and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t coming together. Eventually I figured it out and was able to salvage it because it was one of those no bake deals. Oops!

    • It’s been a long time since I knitted, something I love to do but stopped when I had my first daughter. I might have to pick it up as I have a little project that was never finished!
      Glad you were able to salvage the dough balls…nothing worse then not knowing why the recipe didn’t work out.

  2. Yummmy! When I can’t run, I catch up on all the stuff I never seem to have time for – laundry, cleaning, etc. – ya know, all of the responsible adult things that running usually trumps πŸ™‚ I think baking is an excellent substitute for running or working out, as well!

  3. I’m reading Meb for Mortals now and I love it! I’m really just obsessed with that man. Carrot cake oatmeal cookies sound delicious!! I love to bake, but I absolutely hate the cleaning part, so I usually stick to baking one thing at a time to avoid fighting with my kitchen sink.

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