Zoo, Mother’s Day & Running

We are finally having some beautiful spring like weather in Nova Scotia! Actually, on the weekend we had summer like temperatures…shorts and t-shirt weather – it was fantastic! (we still had snow on our lawn until May 6th!)

We had a busy weekend with swimming lessons, the zoo, mother’s day shenanigans and I finished it off with a little treadmill run.

With hit up the Zoo with some friends.


Running wild…


Four trouble makers 😉

Mother’s Day started off with a little sleep in {actually, I listened to Lilly and Sai make breakfast and hang out – it was cute}. Once Hilary and I got up, we had the most amazing vegan Tiramisu Protein pancakes – all at my husband’s doing. I don’t want to brag but these really were awesome! We gobbled them up!

IMG_20150510_084215 IMG_20150510_084144 IMG_20150510_084212

After our bellies recovered from such a big breakfast (okay, later that afternoon) we did a little biking on our street.

IMG_20150510_141820 IMG_20150510_141555 IMG_20150510_141617

Then this mother runner got her run on…

Mother's Day Run on the treadmill

Mother’s Day Run on the treadmill

Oh, and I gave up my Fitbit Flex for the week!!!!! More to come on that!

How was your weekend?

Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to ALL the Mom’s out there. 

Did you get up to any adventures?