Bluenose Marathon: I Can’t Run but I Can Talk

I may have jinxed myself with yesterday’s post about my awesome run because last night’s run was TERRIBLE! I did something to my lower back during the day but figured I could still run. At 2.5k in I called it and said I’d run to 3k. What a bummer, eh! The good news is that I have physio today and my long weekend started an extra day early!

Though I can’t run this weekend at the Bluenose Marathon, I’m still taking in some great events. The first big one is Lilly’s 2km youth run. She rocked it last year and can’t wait to do it again with me this year. She told me we’d be taking the run-walk-run approach since my leg still hurts. Goodness, I love that girl!

Pre Race Fun!


You can read about her run from last year here.

The Talk Part:

As part of the #RunATCan (Running in Atlantic Canada) group on twitter, I’ve been asked to join three others on a panel to talk about Social Media and the Running Community!

It’s kinda exciting but makes me nervous at the same time. It’s at 2pm, Saturday afternoon just before the 5k race starts at 3pm. I don’t have any expectations other thanΒ to hopefully create some good conversations about the impact of social media on running communities from my perspective. I’ll try to keep my Instagram updated – so check us out there tomorrow!

I figured since I can’t run this weekend I can at least talk during the panel and *I think* give something back to the event. I’m not a social media expert or a running expert but I’m excited for this opportunity and to be included to share my thoughts.

To those running Bluenose this weekend (or other events) – Just Giv’er πŸ™‚

If you are running Bluenose, what distance?

Anyone doing the double race? 5k Saturday and other distance Sunday?

Bluenosers – what’s your favourite part of the weekend?

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16 thoughts on “Bluenose Marathon: I Can’t Run but I Can Talk

  1. Bummer about your back! But oh my word, your little one is so stinkin cute! Love it. You must be a great role model for her to run and have such wise words on the running/walking approach. I’ve not heard of the Bluenose Marathon before. Where is it at? And have fun with the social media and running chat! Sounds fun. πŸ™‚

    • Heather! I’d love to see you and Sam…keep an eye out for me or send me a message on FB/Twitter. I’ll be at the expo around 1ish and we’ll be speaking at 2pm !

      AND… Good luck with your half!

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