Bluenose Marathon: Lilly’s 2k Run Recap


We arrived in Halifax Friday afternoon after Lilly had her Primary Orientation in the morning and went directly to the Bluenose Marathon Race Expo! We picked up Lilly’s kit (and her friends) and walked around the expo. We met Krysten from Darwinian Fail, she’s super sweet and was there representing Polar.


Saturday morning before breakfast Lilly wasn’t feeling great. We thought it was just nerves but later in the day we figured out she was at the start of feeling ill. Poor girl.

We managed to pack up the car and headed down to the youth run with Grandad and Hilary in tow 🙂 Once we found good parking we walked about 1/2 km over to the start area and ended up running into my friend Tracey and Jeana and their children – former soccer team mates of mine. It was SO great to see them and then I found my running buddy, Krystol and her family.

Me and my girls.

Me and my girls.

While Lilly and I got ready to run, Hilary and Grandad went in to check out the expo. My Dad (who had a heart attack back in March) got a Polar recently to monitor his heart rate when he walks and this summer when he get’s back into referring soccer again. Anyway, he met with Krysten from Polar to ask her a few questions and she was awesome! She talked him through some stuff and set up the program on his phone. Dad greatly appreciated her help.

Lilly’s run: 

Lilly was SO excited. My Aunt and Uncle came to cheer her on and we managed to find them in the sea of the crowd just before the run. We ended up dancing a lot during the warm up to music and then it was time to start running.

And yes…this Mama wore her Garmin…but later forgot to stop it 😉

Me and my girl

Me and my girl

We ran, we walked and we ran some more. Once, she even took off ahead of me, weaving her way through the crowd of children and parents. My heart melted in excitement for her and then we crossed the finish line together and she got her medal.

Giv'er Medal!

Giv’er Medal!

After grabbing some food and water, we met up with Hilary and Grandad and hung out with friends for a bit before they went to have a picnic lunch together at Point Pleasant Park.

I went back to the Scotiabank Centre to meet up with some #RunATCan peeps! I was part of a panel that was discussing “The Benefits of Social Media on the Running Community”. Paul Merrigan, Andrew Paris, Andrew Chack and myself were speaking. It was a great experience and so awesome to meet a lot of the #RunATCan group in person.


Paul Merrigan (back), L to R: Andrew Paris, me and Andrew Chak.

After that, I hit up MEC for some goods and then walked 4k to the mall to pick up the bus – mainly because I wanted to get a little work out in. {Update: I’m not allowed to run at the moment but I can power walk outside}. For some reason I wanted to walk and not take the bus from down town to the mall. Once I got to the mall, I realised the bus wasn’t going to come 😦 Luckily, my mother was getting off work and was able to swing by and pick me up.

I’m pretty sure I walked 7-8km in total Saturday. My legs were toast! Oh my, Saturday was such a great day!

Anyone take in the Bluenose Marathon Expo?

What’s your favourite part of a race expo?

How was your weekend?

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