Running Recovery: So Far So Good

Last Friday I was called while on my way to work {don’t worry, I pulled my car over} from the physiotherapy office saying “we have an opening at 10:30 – can you make it?” Well, any injured runner wouldn’t turn this opportunity down and luckily I didn’t have any meetings that morning.

So off I went after a quick trip home for a pair of shorts. My physiotherapist is on vacation this week and I wasn’t able to get in other than the last-minute appointment on Friday. Since I wasn’t expecting to see him until June 3rd, I was ever so excited to be heading in. I shared my week’s workouts and pain level (almost none) and he started treatment right away.

During treatment we started chatted and I fessed up to run/walking with Lilly at the Bluenose youth run (2k) the weekend before. He was fine with that! After chatting a bit more about work, he said that I should be okay to do some light runs this week outside but low kilometres. That put a smile on my face 🙂

I really, REALLY wanted to run my first FULL Marathon this fall at the PEI Marathon but have decided NOT to do it. I wanted to have a good base and have completed a half marathon this spring before I jumped into Full training this June. Rather then stressing my body {and mind}, I’ve decided to run the PEI Half Marathon. Knowing that, I asked if it was realistic to run a half early September and then again mid October – about 5 weeks apart. He thought I would have no problem.

I also wanted to sign up by May 31st to get the early bird registration…and get my head wrapped around training for 2 fall half marathons. So, I left my appointment pretty excited yet slightly cautious. With my history over the last few months, I tend to have good runs and then bad, painful hamstrings.

I was going to run Saturday with my running buddy as she was volunteering at our youth run we had through work. It was much smaller this year due to many factors but the worst part of it was that it rained off an on. It wasn’t good warm spring rain it was freezing your fingers off – feels like winter – should be bundled up like winter weather – kind of rain. It was brutal and most of the kids finished their 3k or 5k race! Hard core!

I wasn’t wanting to run after standing outside and feeling so cold so we grabbed some food instead. When I got home I ended up taking Hilary into the hospital (2nd trip in 4 days) as she has a terrible rash that wasn’t getting any better. By the end of Saturday I was exhausted. She’s okay but not a happy camper.

Anyway, Sunday afternoon I went for a nice 3k run on the trail near my house. It was beautiful outside and I just wanted to run longer and further but was trying to stick to the plan, ya know!

Beautiful day on the trail

Beautiful day on the trail

It was great and so far, I have no pain in my hamstring. I took it slow and steady:

1 km – 6:20

2 km – 6:05 (my legs just wanted to go)

3 km – 6:021

Then I walked just under a half km back to my car and went home to do my PT exercises with the girls. They were hilarious.

How was your weekend?

Anyone run? Anyone run the Ottawa Marathon?

Are you thinking about your Fall races yet?