Upper Body Workout: Arms

Lately the only upper body workout I am doing is picking up my 30 lbs 2.5 year-old and carrying multiple grocery bags/backpacks at the same time! So really, I am lacking in my upper body workouts big time, whomp, whomp 😦

I’m not very good at monthly challenges even though I start out pretty solid so I’m hoping in June I’ll sick to it a little more. My plans are to do these along with my running plan and PT exercises for my hamstring and glutes.

Plank Challenge:

plank 30 Day challenge

I would love to be able to hold a plank for 3 minutes plus! So…bring it on June!

Arm workouts:

Tone arms in 7 days

Pretty basic – works for me!

And I’m sharing this last one because it made me laugh 🙂

arm workout

Do you do much upper body work outs?

What’s your favourite arm workout?

Do you plank? How often?

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Images/workouts found on Pinterest. I’m not a fitness training, personal trainer or Doctor. Please consult the professionals before starting any new workouts.

18 thoughts on “Upper Body Workout: Arms

  1. YES. I do bodyweight training and strength training on a regular basis… more than running these days. Have fun with your challenge…. if I held a plank for 3 minutes my lower back would be screaming! Be careful with it!

  2. LOL that last picture!! So hilarious! I do plank – daily! I did a 3 minute plank yesterday following one of those plans – you will be planking for way more than 3 minutes before you know it! I strength train at the gym with weights and a routine from my coach 2x per week but I use those 30 day challenges every other day. I do challenges for pushups, dips, bridges, leg raises, sit ups, hip drops, planks, and mountain climbers. It’s like a quick little toning session each day if I can fit it in. Sometimes, combined with everything else, it gets excessive and that’s the first thing to go!

  3. That last graphic is hilarious! I always tell people that my arm are purely ornamental because they’re pretty much useless for lifting anything heavier than a granola bar. I know I should work out my upper body, but I just find most exercises either too difficult or too tedious. Of course, I thought running was awful back in the day too so perhaps there’s hope for me yet?

  4. omg that last graphic!
    I try to do a little bit of upper body once a week, but I’m not crazy about it either. I plank fairly often, but I’ve never done more than one minute!

  5. That last picture made me laugh out loud. That’s fantastic! I do plank, but I switch it up and alternate lifting my legs while planking. Yowza, that’s a good workout! By the way, I’m nominating you for the “One Lovely Blog” award. No pressure to participate. If you’d like details, they can be found here: http://runsonsyrup.com/2015/05/28/ive-been-nominated/

    • Glad that made you laugh! Thought it was a good one to share 😉 Eventually, I’d like to do different planks as you suggested…for now I have to stick to the basics until I get my hamstring under control (injury).
      Thanks so much for the nomination! Will participate for sure!

  6. Both of those look like great upper body workouts. I like the “Dear God Don’t Hit Your Face” They don’t call ’em skull crushers for nothing! I typically do upper body work in combination with a full body work out. I just started a plank challenge this week too. It incorporates different types of planks though – to keep it interesting I guess, and you test your plank time at the end of every week. Good luck to you with yours!

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