Apple Blossom Weekend {in photos}

I’m going to keep it simple today…hey, it’s Monday, right!?!?! It was Apple Blossom Weekend here which means fireworks, concerts, parades and Princesses….yes Princesses. It’s an 83-year-old tradition for each community to put forward a Princess and they go through this week-long interview process. I’ll spare you all the details but a “Queen” is selected and they then have multiple events for the rest of the weekend/upcoming week to attend etc.

We hit up swimming Saturday morning for Lilly’s lesson and then had a picnic lunch at the park and watched some skateboarders do their thing…..

So focused on skateboarders

So focused on skateboarders

After that we met up with some friends for the parade….

Hanging out...

Hanging out…

Some highlights for the girls…….


Seeing the “am-bu-lance” and waving at the “bear-amedic”.


Gotta represent the military


And the Bagpipers!


Not sure what they are talking about but I know they are excited!


Marching with the RCMP (police) Band.


Bye bye Thomas! I thought she was going to run after it!

Sunday, we had a birthday party to go to, so we got our party dresses on….

Cuties (yes, my kitchen is a mess!)

Cuties (yes, my kitchen is a mess!)

I did no running, no PT exercises Friday or Saturday 😦 but for some reason I’m completely exhausted!!!! My LEFT hamstring was giving me trouble Friday and that is my good hamstring!!! I figured a few days off wouldn’t hurt. Sunday night I desperately wanted to run but I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me because I was super sick for a number of hours. No run but I managed to get my PT exercises in.

Anyone in for the Plank Challenge for June?

Don’t forget, I still have a Cordskinz Giveaway going on!

How was your weekend?

Anyone attend Apple Blossom or another festival/event this weekend?

Anyone run ?……please share your running with me…I’m feeling down on running this weekend.