Running 2014 vs. Running 2015

I’m sure it’s hard for you to believe that I ran over 1000 kilometres last year since I haven’t done much running this year, especially those who have just started following my blog in the last few months. I assure you, I love to run and I desperately miss adding up all my monthly mileage and sharing it on the blog, IG etc.

I’ve done very little running this year due to my injured hamstring and weak glutes. Lesson learned – don’t just run – do some form of cross training to strengthen all muscles AND always stretch. It’s been a long road but I’m slowly headed in the right direction.


With it now being June, I thought it would be interesting (or embarrassing) to look at my mileage from last year to this year. So, I’m putting it all out on the blog today! This is what I ran in kilometers each year from January 1st to May 31st):

2014: 360 km

2015: 231 km

I packed on the kilometres later in the year when I trained for my half and was super happy with hitting my 1000 km goal by November last year. My goals this year have been thrown out the door. Seriously, I haven’t even looked at them in months because I can’t bring myself to see how my plan unraveled. I have new goals that I’ll write about soon but the biggest one is just getting my hamstring strong and off the injured list. The other goals are far more basic and will happen later in the year….I hope 🙂

Though I am so far behind in where I want to be, I’m thankful I finally am seeing some progress in my treatment. One day I’ll get back to my goals but for now, it’s just one day stronger at a time. I did have a nice 3k run on the treadmill last night 🙂

june 1st run 2015

I have the best running hair ever and crazy colour combinations!

Cordskinz winners:

1 – Rae

2 – Rom K.

Congratulations! Rae and Rom, check your email so I can mail off your Cordskinz!

What’s your 2015 mileage like?

Same as this time last year?

Ever change your goals ?