Injury Running Recovery: Low & Slow

I’m trying to find a way to share with you my current status with running and I think “Injury Running Recovery” is going to be it. I wrote a few weeks ago about my current status of “So Far So Good” and I’m still in that same frame of mine.

I had one week off from Physiotherapy because he was away at a conference, however I followed everything from my PT exercises to being allowed to run outside again (low km and slow pace). “Low and Slow” is my new motto, which isn’t a bad thing. It just means that I’m allow to run outside (yeah) but need to keep it safe in terms of the brunt force that my hamstring can take.

I did a few runs outside and had very little pain. Even with some of the pain I was discouraged as I thought I would have no pain since I’m on a new PT plan but that’s not always the case. My glutes and hamstrings are getting stronger but aren’t at 100% yet. The pain level is a 1-2 out of 10, which is great but we want to get me to a 0 eventually. I learned some pain during recovery can be okay – it all depends on the level of pain. My pain level is getting lower as I get stronger.

Since I am getting stronger, I can now run outside 5-6k every other day! Honestly, when Chris, my physiotherapist said that I feel like it was Christmas for me! It also helped that on Wednesday morning #nationalrunningday, I went for a quick (for me) 3k run outside before the girls got up AND before my physio appointment. I was feeling pretty good and happy going into my PT appointment and having learned I was getting stronger and could increase my distance (not my speed) that just made it better. Oh – and my husband was home so all was great!

Early morning run for National Running Day

Early morning run for National Running Day

I’ve also started a monthly plank challenge and am doing good so far. I struggled on Day 4 (1 minute 15 seconds) when Hilary decided to help Mommy by pushing on my pack in encouragement but today was a lot better (1:15 again). At least she didn’t sit on me 🙂

plank week 1

One more day of planks (1:20) and then I get a rest day. I’m starting to get a little worried about planking next week! Today, I’m hitting the trails for a “runch” so check out my Instagram for an update on how that goes!

Did you run on National Running Day?

What’s the longest plank you’ve held before? (Me: 2 minutes)

Anyone “runching” today? Or running in general?