NEW Running Goals for 2015

It was bound to happen…changing my running goals for this year. I had such a great 2014 running races and training that I thought it would continue this year. My body had another plan which took a long time for me to accept but I’m there and ready for what the next few months will bring.

Originally, I had set these as my running goals for the year:

  • Heal my hamstringΒ injury
  • Sub 25 minute 5k (current PR 27:06)
  • Sub 52 – 10k (current PR 55:59)
  • Sub 2 hour Half Marathon (current PR 2:05:10)
  • Run a FULL Marathon!Β 

Those goals were set when I thought I had a little injury that would heal just like the others ones have in the past. Twisted ankles, knee injury, torn ligaments in my left ankle, minor concussions – all soccer related! Funny enough, this hamstring injury was soccer related too. It’s been since December 10th 2014 that I played and got injured but that won’t stop me from playing soccer again πŸ˜‰

Resume running again

Resume running again

Back to running! I’ve changed my goals over the last few months many, many times and have finally come to terms with setting new goals for the remainder of 2015. So…here you go:

  • (#1) Get my hamstring and glutes 100% healthy again
  • Continue to run and do PT exercises/cross train
  • Run 2 Half Marathons in the Fall (Maritime Race Weekend and PEI Marathon)
  • Run a 10k Race
  • Run 1 to 3 – 5k races (Maritime Race Weekend – double race)
  • Throw out aiming for Personal Bests / Personal Records (but if they happen, I will accept them).

That’s it! Those are my new running goals for the year. A little more simple yet focused. Don’t get me wrong, I desperately want to run my FIRST FULL MARATHON this year but with very little spring running/training under my belt I didn’t want to jump into training for a full. The stress of trying to get the distance in and, the stress of trying to heal up my hamstring isn’t worth it to me.

Do you have any 2015 goals?

Anyone on track with their goals?

What about Resolutions?

31 thoughts on “NEW Running Goals for 2015

    • I agree, getting rid of trying to PB is going to be great! I’m running to get stronger this year and that’s really it! Oh, and to have fun, get in shape again and be active with my family πŸ™‚

  1. It sucks when you’re injured but it’s an opportunity to set new goals. Agreed it takes off the pressure when you don’t set a “time” goal too. Have fun. Heal. Enjoy running!

  2. I know it stinks to have to readjust training goals. But these are still fantastic goals. And I think it is important to look on the bright side. By working on your hamstrings and the rest of your body you are going to be a much stronger and healthier athlete when the time comes to finally start training for a marathon. The hardest part of marathon training is avoiding injury, so it is never something to rush into until the time is right.

    • I’m at a point where I am finally okay with changing my goals. It took a few months but I’m there, it helps that I’m starting to see some improvements. I want to be 100% before I start full marathon training and am fine putting that off until next year. Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. I think the adjustments to your goals are fantastic! I always feel that runners are the worst in healing their injuries.. we always try to believe it’s not as bad as it was and that we can continue running like usual. I think working your hamstrings and glutes could end up making you stronger and help you achieve those other goals! Way to go girl! =)

  4. I like your new goals! If you take a break and heal up this summer, you may surprise yourself in your fall races and get those PRs anyway. Rest is a powerful thing πŸ™‚ I also had an awesome 2014 and thought my body would keep cooperating. No such luck. My goal for this year was to break 3 hours in a marathon and then try to qualify for the Olympic Trials. Huge reach goal but whatever. My Achilles has made sure that the second one will probably be impossible but I’m holding on to hope that I can crack three in a fall marathon!

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ Rest is a powerful thing! I’m sorry you are still struggling with your achilles, what a pain – no pun intended. You will get your sub three marathon and THEN you’ll get your Olympic trials πŸ˜‰

  5. Ditto the comments above: so so so important to focus on fully healing (and soooooo difficult to remember and stick to that!). Just think, fully healed you will be well able to run rings around your precious PBs:-)
    Two years ago I was winning trail races and triathlons, training with teams in Colombia and Jamaica, and feeling really strong (and taking it all for granted). I then got a virus and was knocked out for 6 months, moved continents, started a new job, and ended up feeling slow and fat and exhausted. Recalibrating my goals has been such a big part of getting back both fitness and happiness. Not fully there yet, but I ran my first ultra last month and was still smiling at the finish line:-)

  6. I’m glad that you are being smart and revising, though I obviously wish that you didn’t have to. Luckily, those goals will still be there for you!!

    • I’m actually okay with revising my goals – I feel better, less stressed out about trying to achieve them, happier. If I can’t get my hamstring stronger and get off the injured list then I can’t to much of anything else. How’s your foot?

  7. Sometimes plans change and I think your new goals sound great. πŸ™‚ You have done such a smart thing by revising them…I am excited to see what you can do once you’re 100% healthy again!

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