Hilly Running, Garmin Failure & Sprinkler Fun

Life has been pretty laid back lately and I’m loving it! A few road trips, a new niece, rain storm after rain storm, running and finally the SUN!!!! It came out to play today!

I decided I needed to start doing some hill work once a week. Most of my runs involves 1-3 hills depending on what direction I decided to run in. Tuesday, I decided to make the whole run about hills! A little 5k morning run took me out of my subdivision and towards three hills of various grades.

The furthest and shortest hill from my houses I ran up three times, then the middle hill I did twice and the last hill I ran up once and kept going until I got home. It was a little slower for me but it was hill training. Managed around 33 minutes – can’t complain.


I had to update my Garmin and lost my last 7 runs 😦 Luckily, I could upload my stats from Saturday’s long run (13k) manually since I took a few photos post run. After fooling around with it, all my runs uploaded on Garmin Connect without me knowing – can’t complain there either.

Today, I had great plans of getting up early and running 7k before the girls got up. Around 7:50, all four of us were in our bed not really wanting to get up. The girls were ready to get the party started but Saï and I were not. Breakfast…breakfast was the party, not running 7 k. I was exhausted and it was wet outside so I decided to be lazy.

However around 11 am, I decided that I should run before it got too hot as the sun was just coming out. So off I went, on the highway near my house and rocked out 7k in 43 minutes….again, I can’t complain.

july 29th

I can complain about this – DRIVERS – PLEASE look both ways when in a cross walk/side-walk. TWICE, I had two drivers look at me coming in their direction, pull out in front of me, pause, then proceeded in front of me. I could have touched their car / truck I was that close. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE – I’m pretty confident people in the cross walk and side walks have the right away. Man, I was pissed! That’s my only complaint.

The girls and I managed some afternoon fun in the sprinkler while Saï took a nap (shift work isn’t easy on sleep). FYI – Hilary hates water on her face and it took a little work but she ended up loving the sprinkler. We spent at least 45-60 minutes running through it – yes, I did too!

sprinkler fun

We had a blast and I’m hoping to get a few more runs and workouts in this week as it’s an easy week on the schedule! I’m supposed to “race a 5k” Saturday but I don’t have a race to do and will have to resort to my treadmill for that run.

How‘s your week going?

Ever have issues with your Garmin? (if you have one – or Polar or Tom Tom etc.)

Enjoying the sun or are you having rainy, crappy weather?

MRW Half Marathon Training Week #5

And it goes a little something like this……

SorryNotSorry for that 😉

What Was Planned VS What Really Happened!

Monday July 20th: Rest Day – Rest Day – Really nailing Monday’s rest day!!!

Tuesday: 5k5k humid morning run. 

Wednesday: 7k7k run outside. I was pretty convinced this run was NOT going to happen but I’m sure glad it did. You can read more about it here but to sum it up: rough day = fast pace Piper.

Thursday: 5k5k Treadmill run at 8:15 pm. Nothing special about this run other than it was another long day, soccer night for Lilly but I managed to get it done. 

Friday: Rest DayRest Day . Nailed this rest day too 😉 We hit the road late afternoon to hang out with our family in Halifax. 

Saturday: 13k – 13k outside. I met up with three other mother runners around 7am. Renee has three children, Natalie currently has two and Tracey has two as well.The plan was to run out 6.5k on a gravel trail (BLT Rails to Trails) and return. 

We stayed together as a group of four until the half-way mark and then I had to slow down A LOT! The first 6k of our run was a little fast for me to maintain so Renee and Natalie kept their 6 minute/km pace and Tracey and I slowed down to 6:20 minute/km.

1 – 6km was fast for me but it was great as I was still able to have a conversation. (6:27; 6:12; 6:04; 6:07; 5:59; 5:52)

7 – 9km was terrible. I walked way more than I wanted to. I answered questions with “Yes/No” and didn’t elaborate because I couldn’t talk, and I questioned it being a hard run vs me being lazy. (6:52; 6:46; 6:26)

10 – 13km Some how I managed to maintain a good solid pace (or what seemed like a good pace) and the short walk breaks were behind me. We even plowed up the last hill to finish off our run.(6:35: 6:58; 6:14; 6:08)


Tracey, me and Natalie (Renee kept running).

Then I left on a 4 hour drive to visit a good friend of mine – sans kiddies!!!! I forgot what it’s like to drive long distance with no one in my back seat!


A girls gotta drive in comfort, right? Don’t worry, I didn’t step out of the car like this.

Sunday: Cross Train – NothingThe plan was to hit up the gym on my drive back but that didn’t happen. I was in a hurry to get back to meet my new niece that was born earlier that morning. She’s beyond beautiful and she held my hand for a 1/2 hour – I’m in love again!

Overall: It was a good week but I had a few struggles along the way. Really, no complaints here. I noticed I wear a lot of purple some days (not planned):



  • Having an awesome run when I wasn’t even expecting to finish 3/4 of the distance.
  • Long run with some awesome mother runners.
  • Meeting my niece.

Week 5 # of km: 30km

Total km of training to date: 132 km

Looking forward to next week: This is going to be an interesting week of my planned runs and workouts happening on random days. I think my long run will happen mid-week instead of the weekend since my husband will be away. The plan is to just get what I can done when it’s possible.

Week #4 update here, in case you missed it. I can’t believe I’m starting week 6 – halfway there!!!

Do you rearrange your running schedule often?

What’s the most important run(s) during your training cycles?

Did you love hearing a little Run DMC ?

Running Can Change You

I had one of those runs. You know, the run you thought about all day long. The run you were looking forward to all day long. Then BAM! something happened {insert cranky little girls upon pick up at day care and into the evening} that just sends your day in a different direction.

It put’s you in a foul mood. Tests your patience. Tests your mood. And tests what you want to accomplish for the remainder of the day. I thought my run was out of the question. I sat down for a few minutes with Sai and I think we both felt deflated after dealing with the girls. Where was I going to get the energy to run 7k? It was after 7 pm already!!!!

I went and did a few things and decided to go run after convincing myself I should do it. Run whatever distance I could manage. Really, I wanted to run at least 5k but anything more than that would be a bonus. I could always add more kilometres to another run this week to make up the distance.

Once geared and Garmin’d up, off I went.


Good lord, my heart was POUNDING and my lungs felt like I was running for the first time in my life! Apparently, I was running too fast for comfort during that first kilometre and finished it under 6 minutes! Woah, I thought, you need to slow down or you’re not even going to make 5k. 

After shaking out my legs a bit and getting into my grove, I was running at a comfortable pace. Even pushing it at times. Just before the 5k mark I realised my time was rather fast for me and that I was close to a sub 30 – 5k so I pushed it even more and voila! Got it done!

My next kilometre was much slower but I still managed a really average pace for the full 7k 🙂 I felt so great after my run…even with the massive amounts of sweat dripping from my body!

july 22 run

Also, I wouldn’t mind if this happened:

eye of the tiger

I’m kinda of considering doing this some day to some other runners 🙂

Have you had a recent run change your mood?

Ever not really want to run and have it turn into positive experience?

Would you love it / hate it if someone drove by you playing “Eye of the Tiger” while out for a run?

Staying Active While on Vacation

Wooohooooo! Vacation is upon us! Some of you are currently on vacation and some are counting the days…maybe even the minutes 😉 I had a mini vacation at the end of June/early July but stayed at home to get some things done around the house. We have another vacation coming up and it will be more of a “staycation” with a few road trips here and there.

I’ll be in the middle of my half marathon training and won’t want to give up a week of training so I’ve got to plan how I’m going to fit it all in. Swimming at the beach with my kids can totally be cross training, right?

I feel lucky to have a treadmill at home and be able to jump on it when the girls are asleep or on a HOT HOT summer day if I need to. So the treadmill is going to be my back up. Also, I’m getting more into doing at home DVD’s (Jillian Michaels, T25, Brad Gouthro etc.) so those will help when I’m on my own with the girls.

I’m also planning to hit up GoodLife Fitness once or twice if my schedule permits. I really, really want to try a body pump class and this might be my chance to do it.

PR pei beach

Tips on being active while on vacation:

1 – Relax – you are on vacation!

2 – Plan ahead. If you are following a strict training plan, look ahead and see when you might be traveling or at home. You may need to reschedule or adapt your workouts….AND that’s okay!

3 – Take advantage of what’s around you. This could be new-to-you gyms; new trail systems to run on; finding a local running club or taking advantage of the hotel pool.

4 –  For those with children, host a play date and then swap! One parent takes a day or morning to go workout/get groceries/clean their house/sit and do nothing. Then switch the next day/afternoon so you get a day to do the same.

5 – Get active WITH your family. Run up and down the sandy beach and see how much your lungs and legs hurt 😉 Tread water for a few extra minutes while holding your toddler in the water – yeah that one’s really fun to do! Or get creative and set up a fun obstacle course in your backyard, complete with laps in your pool if you have one.

6 – Be realistic. You are on vacation and you may miss a workout – it’s okay! See if you can fit in a short yoga session first thing in the morning; do 15 squats, 15 push-ups and 15 burpees (or whatever) three times throughout the day. It’s better then nothing, right?

7 –  Focus on 2 great workouts. Depending on how many days you are on vacation try to get at least 2 focused workouts in. As a runner, I would want to get in one shorter run (quick) and my long run since it’s an important one. I would also try to do more cross training if I couldn’t get all my planned runs in.

8 – Go on an adventure. Visit a new park, trails, beach, lake or playground with your family. Try a new to you sport like windsurfing or yoga or {insert new to you sport}.

9 – Plan for after your vacation. After taking a week or two off work it can be hard to get back into the same routine. Try planning your workouts for when you return to work and hopefully you will get back on track!


Honestly, I have no idea how my workouts are going to go while on vacation but my bag will be packed and ready to go to GoodLife Fitnessour beach bag will have “all the gear” ready, my treadmill is on standby and a babysitter is never too far away!

Happy Vacationing!

What’s your best tip for working out during your vacation?

Are you traveling far or staying local this summer?

MRW Half Marathon Training Week #4

Happy Monday!!!!!!! July seems to be flying by fast, don’t you think? Thanks for all the comments on Friday’s post. I was doubting my efforts towards my 3rd half but am feeling better after my long run on Saturday. I also took a little time this weekend to create a “review” page on the blog, so check it out!

Week #4 went a little like this:

What was Planned VS. What Really Happened:

Monday July 12th: Rest DayRest Day. Nailed it!

Tuesday: 5k5k Ran outside before 7am. It was great and not that much of a “shocker” to Lilly that I ran before she woke up 😉

Wednesday: 7k Pace7k Current Pace. Seriously! My current pace will be my race pace at the Half Marathon in September. I’m mentally a little bummed out about my pace but honestly there is nothing I can do about it. I’m trying to focus on getting the training done and building my base again PLUS avoiding injury.

Thursday: 5kPT Exercise in the AM & 5k Treadmill Run at nightAfter the longest day ever (Lilly was in soccer camp until noon, I worked in the morning and afternoon, then off to Lilly’s evening soccer with both girls, got the girls cleaned up and off to bed). THEN, I jumped on the treadmill around 8:15 – nothing like a late night treadmill run!


Friday: Rest Day Rest Day. Nailed It!

Saturday: 11k Long Run – 12k long run. I managed to have my neighbour babysit the girls so I could run! She in University and the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE her! She came over at 7:30 and I had waffles ready for them, Hilary was still asleep!

The sun was just starting to peek out from the clouds as I started my Green Garmin but it quickly went away. There was a perfect breeze and there was no heat or humidity!

I wanted to run out 5.5k and then turn around but on my way out I was having such a great run that I decided to run some side streets and bump it up to 6k out, 6k back. The way back was much harder as some L-O-N-G inclines nearly killed me. Towards the end of the run I was trying to decided between which hill to enter my subdivision as I had three options. In the end I went for the hardest but shortest one. During my last km, I managed to speed up and cut off about 20 seconds from my pace! I was super happy with this run.

  • 1k – 6:24
  • 2k – 6:22
  • 3k – 6:28
  • 4k – 6:25
  • 5k – 6:17 *took a chocolate GU*
  • 6k – 6:22
  • 7k – 6:45 (threw in an extra hill for the fun of it!)
  • 8k – 6:24
  • 9k – 6:21
  • 10 – 6:20
  • 11k – 6:41 (hard hill, had to stop and take a few seconds after I reached the top)
  • 12k – 6:00
  • 1:17:03 (12.03 km)

Though I’m struggling with my overall time per distance mentally, I’m really happy to see that I’m fairly consistent with my pace.


Sunday: Cross Train – Cross Train – Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week #1. I forgot how much I missed this workout. It was just enough to have me sweating but I wasn’t struggling at all. I also threw in my PT exercises since I needed to get them done!

JMworkout july 19

Overall: I feel it was an awesome week of training! The heat and humidity is a killer and getting my runs done first thing in the morning is key.

Highlights of the week:

  • My 12k long run felt amazing!
  • Running before work is simply fantastic.
  • Enjoying Ripped in 30 workouts again!

Week 4 # of KM: 29

Total KM training to date: 102

What I am looking forward to week #5: Morning runs (hot week ahead) and a long run before a road trip!

To catch up on last week’s training, you can read it here Week #3

How was your weekend?

Anyone have a long run or race ?

What’s one highlight from your weekend or last week?

Doubts about my 3rd Half Marathon

Last Saturday when I did my 10k long run I had some serious doubts about running 21.1km in September & October! Really, every run is a struggle run since I injured my hamstring last December. I’m sure lots of people have doubts and it’s natural but I’m hoping to get over those doubts.

My pace is off.

My fitness is lacking.

My dirty laundry is increasing 😉

But the good thing is …

My determination is still there.

My love for the sport is still there.

And I’m supported by my family, friends, running groups and bloggers – they are wonderful! I’ve been plugging away at all my runs and feeling pretty happy but during last week’s 10k, I had some serious doubts!

wake up

I’ve had a few days to reflect on my current running and I really just feel lucky to be running again. Lucky to be training for my 3rd and 4th half marathon. No, it’s not the FULL Marathon training I was hoping to do this summer but it’s better then what I went through over the winter months in pain. Speaking of pain – it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had any in my hamstring.

I’m struggling on most runs but I’m blessed to be able to do them.

My pace is way off what it was last year but I’ll get back there at some point.

My fitness is questionable some days but I’m working on it.

My doubts about running 21.1 kilometres in 8-9 weeks will probably come and go but I’m hoping that’s what makes me a stronger runner in the end.

Running Update:

Yesterday I did ALL my PT exercises and foam rolled after I woke up as my legs were feeling tired. I managed to get 5k last night on the treadmill in my New Balance shoes. I haven’t worn them in months and it felt so weird running in them!


My hamstring/glutes hurt today but not a painful hurt just a sore-from-yesterdays-PT-exercises kinda of hurt. I have an 11km run tomorrow morning planned and my amazing neighbour is coming over to be with the girls. That’s right, I am paying a babysitter so I can go on my run…and making waffles for her and the girls. I mean really, I can’t expect her to come over at 7:30 AM and not have breakfast at my house…so waffles it is 🙂

Ever doubt yourself? Doubt your training?

What keeps you going when you are doubting your running (insert other activity)?

What are your weekend plans?

Summer Fun List 2015

This past winter, I never would have thought we’d see the hot summer days ever again! Man, we got blasted with snow storm after snow storm from the end of January to the end of March. IT.WAS.NUTS!

That being said, I’ve been writing down things I wanted to do this summer with our girls. It’s now turned into a summer fun list. These are very specific to Nova Scotia (where I live) and hopefully lead to a lot of great adventures:

Bridgetown Playground

  • Strawberry pickingdone.
  • Go to the Bridgetown Natural Playground (pic above) and have a picnic
  • Swim at Lumsden’s Beach
  • Hike the trails near our house/play in the stream
  • Trip to Prince Edward Island
  • Hit up a beach on the South Shore of Nova Scotia (1.5 hours or so away)
  • Girls – weekend with Grandparents & Me – weekend with my girlfriend who’s expecting in Sept.
  • Camp in the backyard with my family (or camp site if time permits)
  • Go paddling with my family
  • Swim in a lakedone once already.
  • Go to the drive-in theatre – probably sans kiddo’s
  • Complete all my long runs
  • And of course…snuggle with a new niece or nephew later in the summer 🙂

There are more things I want to do this summer with the fam, but I’m keeping it to this list for now.

What’s on your summer fun list?

Traveling far or staying local this summer?

Hope you enjoy your summer!

Cheers, Piper 🙂