MRW Half Marathon Training Week #2 Recap (6/28 – 7/5)

Just like that, week #2 is all done! I felt like it could have been a pretty easy and low-key week but it didn’t turn out that way. My leg (hamstring) was a little sore as I’m running more and more outside but it’s not terrible – so thumbs up in the hamstring department.

To be 100% honest, both hamstrings are tired but that is to be expected when I’m used to doing most of my running on the treadmill and now I’m running on trail and pavement. My legs are dealing with more impact.

What was Planned vs. What Really Happened:

Monday June 29th: RestPT Exercises & Plank (2:55) – pretty much nailed Rest Day.

Tuesday – 5k Run5k Race Pace – somehow I ran 6:07/km which is very close to half marathon race pace for me. This was not planned but happened naturally on the trail. Also, this was my last plank day – 3:00 minutes!!!!

That's A LOT of planking!

That’s A LOT of planking!

Wednesday5kNothing. Canada Day. We strawberry picked, played in our pool and went to a BBQ – running was out of the question by the time 8 pm rolled around so I went to bed early.

Thursday5k Run5k Run. Since I was on vacation and the girls were in day care, I ran after I dropped them off! It was a great run outside.


FridayRest Day5k Run that I missed Wednesday. I ran with my running buddy, Krystol near her house. It was a hard run for me and I felt 100% out of shape. Lots of little hills/inclines and I had a head ache going into it. I tried to hydrate the day before but I went to bed late – my own fault.


Laughing at our selfie attempt

Saturday8k Long run8k Long run. This was not my plan for the day. I was going to switch this to a Cross Training day but that all changed around 5:30 am. Let me back up and tell you why!

At 4:20 am (ish), Hilary woke up crying but I thought she’s put herself back to sleep. After a few minutes of on-off again crying she yell’s out “Mommy, I need to pee!”.  I jump out of bed because when you have a toddler potty training you don’t just roll over and hope she can hold it. We got to the potty and then, I got her back to bed. I crawled back into my bed to fall asleep, after all, it was 4:29am as I walked past our bedroom clock that is blindingly bright for that time of day.

I tossed and turned but couldn’t fall asleep. I kept thinking about the yard sale I was having that morning. After being on social media for a few minutes and seeing a few comments about “early morning runs” the idea of doing my 8k popped into my mind. I figured, why not….if I am just going to toss and turn, I might as well get up and run.

Luckily, my parents were visiting so I quickly got dressed and woke my Mom up so she knew I was gone. She told me to wake her once I got back 😉 Well, let’s just say this was the best idea ever!

The Run:

I decided I would run out 4k and back 4k and that’s pretty much what happened. It was cool outside and the sun was starting to rise up in the distance. I couldn’t believe the amount of cars on the road at 6:15 in the morning but quickly figured out why once I reached the main highway. There were fire trucks surrounding the exits and entrances to the highway which met there had been a car accident. 😦

I got back to the house around 6:50 am and everyone was still asleep! I felt fantastic!


Sunday Cross TrainCross Train kinda. Okay, I really didn’t to anything major other than swim with the girls – pushing them while on a tube …. so there was lots of kicking going on. That counts, right ? Okay, maybe not. I need to improve on this next week.

Overall: I’d have to say it was a pretty good week. I’m glad I didn’t run Wednesday night as I went to bed early and apparently needed that sleep. Super glad I was motivated by Cassie and Kyla on social media to get up and do my long run without planning it.

Here’s to week #3 starting and the kilometres slowly starting to increase. Back when I was planning to run a full marathon this year, I was also hoping to run 35 kilometres on my 35th birthday (Friday) but it’s not going to happen. Technically, it’s a rest day 😉

How’s your summer running going?

Anyone training? How’s it going?

Ever get up for an early unplanned long run?

13 thoughts on “MRW Half Marathon Training Week #2 Recap (6/28 – 7/5)

  1. I’m so glad things are still going well! Also, I really like your format for training recaps, showing the “what was planned vs what happened.” Would you mind if I copied you?

    • Thanks! Yes, go a head and use the same format. I’ve forgotten to add in my weekly mileage and total training mileage in these posts. It was something I did last fall for my last half training – so you’ll see that in my next post 🙂

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