Injury Running Recovery: Cupping – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Good lord who ever invented cupping as a treatment for injuries is a crazy and amazing all at once! Yesterday, I had a physio appointment for my hamstring…it’s been three weeks since I’ve seen Chris – my physiotherapist. Our hang out sessions are getting further and further apart 🙂

At the start of my appointment, Chris asked how I was doing and I said really good. I explained my running over the last three weeks and he was really happy to hear where I am with my pain level.

The Bad: Each visit Chris test my hamstrings and glutes, really yesterday was no different. On the third attempt to test my hamstring I got a MAJOR cramp in my hamstring and I thought I was going to cry. I immediately grab my hamstring and starting laughing/crying…not pretty. He massaged it out a bit but I was in a lot of pain.

After a little heat and electrical currents (not sure what that’s called), my cramped hamstring was a little happier but still pissed off and sore. We did a few more easy treatments of massing the hamstring and then came the UGLY.

The Ugly: We went back to cupping and I was super scared this time as I knew what to expect PLUS, I had a cramped up hamstring. He took it easy on me at first and then ramped it up. My IT Band and hamstring area is extremely sore as well just because of every day running that I’m now doing. He wasn’t too concerned.

I may have sworn a few times and said a few other words one does when in pain from cupping. Oh, when he does cupping, he puts the “cup” on and then massages my whole hamstring from one end to the other. Yeah, painful! By the end of it my arms and legs were starting to sweat as I was in that much pain!

The Good: I was told to hydrate really well for the rest of the day to help with the cramped muscle and he gave me a specific stretch to do.

I’m still good to keep training for my half marathons this fall and able to do more intense cross training like T25, Jillian Michael’s etc. He is happy with my progress and I have to do my PT exercises 3 times a week – no problem boss!

I managed a 7k run on THE BEAST a.k.a. treadmill, last night. It started off a little rough but I managed to shake off the soreness in my leg. It went by pretty fast and I was covered in sweat so I sat on our deck for a bit to cool off. #summerlove 

7k treadmill run

7k treadmill run

So the good is that I’m getting stronger and the pain is very minimal. I have to work a little more on my glutes but I’m getting there. My flexibility is better on my “injured” leg then my non-injured leg – go figure! I go back in a month’s time.

Today I’m hoping to run 5k at lunch as Lilly has soccer tonight and I’m taking tomorrow off as it’s a rest day. Really, I’m getting a little older tomorrow and happy to take a rest day and maybe drink some wine and other bad food too 🙂

Have you ever had cupping done? Did you cry, swear, yell – or do all three?

How often do you get cramps or charlie-horses in your legs?

My last “injury running recovery” post.