Mother Runner Problems #642

You know you are a mother runner when this conversation happens:

Me to Lilly: {while snuggled up to Daddy in bed} – Mommy went for a run this morning while you slept.

Lilly to Me: “Shocker”!

Sai to me: {Said while laughing out loud} “shocker, Mommy went for a run!” – Is that what she just said?

However, really…she was saying that she had “soccer”….absolutely nothing to do with me running. SHE has soccer day camp today 🙂 We had a good laugh.


This morning I got up at 6am to go for a run and was out the door by 6:17….slightly sluggish moving. I had 5k on tap for the day and with the temps getting up to +28C (82F) I thought a morning run would be best. AND, Sai was home 🙂

I changed up the route and when in a completely different direction as I thought a little change might be good. I also decided to throw in a little speed work and start some fartlek’s….that didn’t last too long 😉

My legs felt like lead but my body kept moving and I managed to pick up speed during my last kilometre which was a great feeling.

july 14 run

Once I got home and was stretching is when we had the above conversation with Lilly (our 5-year-old). After a good laugh, we got ready for the rest of our day. And…take Lilly to soccer!

Ever have a family member surprised that you ran before they woke up?

How’s the heat/temps where you live?

Happy Tuesday!