Doubts about my 3rd Half Marathon

Last Saturday when I did my 10k long run I had some serious doubts about running 21.1km in September & October! Really, every run is a struggle run since I injured my hamstring last December. I’m sure lots of people have doubts and it’s natural but I’m hoping to get over those doubts.

My pace is off.

My fitness is lacking.

My dirty laundry is increasing 😉

But the good thing is …

My determination is still there.

My love for the sport is still there.

And I’m supported by my family, friends, running groups and bloggers – they are wonderful! I’ve been plugging away at all my runs and feeling pretty happy but during last week’s 10k, I had some serious doubts!

wake up

I’ve had a few days to reflect on my current running and I really just feel lucky to be running again. Lucky to be training for my 3rd and 4th half marathon. No, it’s not the FULL Marathon training I was hoping to do this summer but it’s better then what I went through over the winter months in pain. Speaking of pain – it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had any in my hamstring.

I’m struggling on most runs but I’m blessed to be able to do them.

My pace is way off what it was last year but I’ll get back there at some point.

My fitness is questionable some days but I’m working on it.

My doubts about running 21.1 kilometres in 8-9 weeks will probably come and go but I’m hoping that’s what makes me a stronger runner in the end.

Running Update:

Yesterday I did ALL my PT exercises and foam rolled after I woke up as my legs were feeling tired. I managed to get 5k last night on the treadmill in my New Balance shoes. I haven’t worn them in months and it felt so weird running in them!


My hamstring/glutes hurt today but not a painful hurt just a sore-from-yesterdays-PT-exercises kinda of hurt. I have an 11km run tomorrow morning planned and my amazing neighbour is coming over to be with the girls. That’s right, I am paying a babysitter so I can go on my run…and making waffles for her and the girls. I mean really, I can’t expect her to come over at 7:30 AM and not have breakfast at my house…so waffles it is 🙂

Ever doubt yourself? Doubt your training?

What keeps you going when you are doubting your running (insert other activity)?

What are your weekend plans?