MRW Half Marathon Training Week #4

Happy Monday!!!!!!! July seems to be flying by fast, don’t you think? Thanks for all the comments on Friday’s post. I was doubting my efforts towards my 3rd half but am feeling better after my long run on Saturday. I also took a little time this weekend to create a “review” page on the blog, so check it out!

Week #4 went a little like this:

What was Planned VS. What Really Happened:

Monday July 12th: Rest DayRest Day. Nailed it!

Tuesday: 5k5k Ran outside before 7am. It was great and not that much of a “shocker” to Lilly that I ran before she woke up 😉

Wednesday: 7k Pace7k Current Pace. Seriously! My current pace will be my race pace at the Half Marathon in September. I’m mentally a little bummed out about my pace but honestly there is nothing I can do about it. I’m trying to focus on getting the training done and building my base again PLUS avoiding injury.

Thursday: 5kPT Exercise in the AM & 5k Treadmill Run at nightAfter the longest day ever (Lilly was in soccer camp until noon, I worked in the morning and afternoon, then off to Lilly’s evening soccer with both girls, got the girls cleaned up and off to bed). THEN, I jumped on the treadmill around 8:15 – nothing like a late night treadmill run!


Friday: Rest Day Rest Day. Nailed It!

Saturday: 11k Long Run – 12k long run. I managed to have my neighbour babysit the girls so I could run! She in University and the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE her! She came over at 7:30 and I had waffles ready for them, Hilary was still asleep!

The sun was just starting to peek out from the clouds as I started my Green Garmin but it quickly went away. There was a perfect breeze and there was no heat or humidity!

I wanted to run out 5.5k and then turn around but on my way out I was having such a great run that I decided to run some side streets and bump it up to 6k out, 6k back. The way back was much harder as some L-O-N-G inclines nearly killed me. Towards the end of the run I was trying to decided between which hill to enter my subdivision as I had three options. In the end I went for the hardest but shortest one. During my last km, I managed to speed up and cut off about 20 seconds from my pace! I was super happy with this run.

  • 1k – 6:24
  • 2k – 6:22
  • 3k – 6:28
  • 4k – 6:25
  • 5k – 6:17 *took a chocolate GU*
  • 6k – 6:22
  • 7k – 6:45 (threw in an extra hill for the fun of it!)
  • 8k – 6:24
  • 9k – 6:21
  • 10 – 6:20
  • 11k – 6:41 (hard hill, had to stop and take a few seconds after I reached the top)
  • 12k – 6:00
  • 1:17:03 (12.03 km)

Though I’m struggling with my overall time per distance mentally, I’m really happy to see that I’m fairly consistent with my pace.


Sunday: Cross Train – Cross Train – Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week #1. I forgot how much I missed this workout. It was just enough to have me sweating but I wasn’t struggling at all. I also threw in my PT exercises since I needed to get them done!

JMworkout july 19

Overall: I feel it was an awesome week of training! The heat and humidity is a killer and getting my runs done first thing in the morning is key.

Highlights of the week:

  • My 12k long run felt amazing!
  • Running before work is simply fantastic.
  • Enjoying Ripped in 30 workouts again!

Week 4 # of KM: 29

Total KM training to date: 102

What I am looking forward to week #5: Morning runs (hot week ahead) and a long run before a road trip!

To catch up on last week’s training, you can read it here Week #3

How was your weekend?

Anyone have a long run or race ?

What’s one highlight from your weekend or last week?