MRW Half Marathon Training Week #4

Happy Monday!!!!!!! July seems to be flying by fast, don’t you think? Thanks for all the comments on Friday’s post. I was doubting my efforts towards my 3rd half but am feeling better after my long run on Saturday. I also took a little time this weekend to create a “review” page on the blog, so check it out!

Week #4 went a little like this:

What was Planned VS. What Really Happened:

Monday July 12th: Rest DayRest Day. Nailed it!

Tuesday: 5k5k Ran outside before 7am. It was great and not that much of a “shocker” to Lilly that I ran before she woke up 😉

Wednesday: 7k Pace7k Current Pace. Seriously! My current pace will be my race pace at the Half Marathon in September. I’m mentally a little bummed out about my pace but honestly there is nothing I can do about it. I’m trying to focus on getting the training done and building my base again PLUS avoiding injury.

Thursday: 5kPT Exercise in the AM & 5k Treadmill Run at nightAfter the longest day ever (Lilly was in soccer camp until noon, I worked in the morning and afternoon, then off to Lilly’s evening soccer with both girls, got the girls cleaned up and off to bed). THEN, I jumped on the treadmill around 8:15 – nothing like a late night treadmill run!


Friday: Rest Day Rest Day. Nailed It!

Saturday: 11k Long Run – 12k long run. I managed to have my neighbour babysit the girls so I could run! She in University and the girls LOVE LOVE LOVE her! She came over at 7:30 and I had waffles ready for them, Hilary was still asleep!

The sun was just starting to peek out from the clouds as I started my Green Garmin but it quickly went away. There was a perfect breeze and there was no heat or humidity!

I wanted to run out 5.5k and then turn around but on my way out I was having such a great run that I decided to run some side streets and bump it up to 6k out, 6k back. The way back was much harder as some L-O-N-G inclines nearly killed me. Towards the end of the run I was trying to decided between which hill to enter my subdivision as I had three options. In the end I went for the hardest but shortest one. During my last km, I managed to speed up and cut off about 20 seconds from my pace! I was super happy with this run.

  • 1k – 6:24
  • 2k – 6:22
  • 3k – 6:28
  • 4k – 6:25
  • 5k – 6:17 *took a chocolate GU*
  • 6k – 6:22
  • 7k – 6:45 (threw in an extra hill for the fun of it!)
  • 8k – 6:24
  • 9k – 6:21
  • 10 – 6:20
  • 11k – 6:41 (hard hill, had to stop and take a few seconds after I reached the top)
  • 12k – 6:00
  • 1:17:03 (12.03 km)

Though I’m struggling with my overall time per distance mentally, I’m really happy to see that I’m fairly consistent with my pace.


Sunday: Cross Train – Cross Train – Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week #1. I forgot how much I missed this workout. It was just enough to have me sweating but I wasn’t struggling at all. I also threw in my PT exercises since I needed to get them done!

JMworkout july 19

Overall: I feel it was an awesome week of training! The heat and humidity is a killer and getting my runs done first thing in the morning is key.

Highlights of the week:

  • My 12k long run felt amazing!
  • Running before work is simply fantastic.
  • Enjoying Ripped in 30 workouts again!

Week 4 # of KM: 29

Total KM training to date: 102

What I am looking forward to week #5: Morning runs (hot week ahead) and a long run before a road trip!

To catch up on last week’s training, you can read it here Week #3

How was your weekend?

Anyone have a long run or race ?

What’s one highlight from your weekend or last week?

17 thoughts on “MRW Half Marathon Training Week #4

  1. Don’t worry about pace – just worry about building miles! The pace will come wayyyyyy more quickly than you think. One day in the next few weeks it’s just going to click. Take it from someone who has been sidelined very often with injuries. AND OMG CONGRATS ON YOUR 12K RUN! Whatttt?!?! That’s amazing, lady – you rock! You are clearly on the mend!

  2. Glad you had an awesome long run! The long run is definitely my favorite part of training. It is really hard not to obsess about pace, but in the end it isn’t worth all the stress!

  3. Another awesome week–you’re killing it! I can’t wait to start getting back to long runs in the next few weeks. Half marathon training starts for me in mid August!

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