Running Can Change You

I had one of those runs. You know, the run you thought about all day long. The run you were looking forward to all day long. Then BAM! something happened {insert cranky little girls upon pick up at day care and into the evening} that just sends your day in a different direction.

It put’s you in a foul mood. Tests your patience. Tests your mood. And tests what you want to accomplish for the remainder of the day. I thought my run was out of the question. I sat down for a few minutes with Sai and I think we both felt deflated after dealing with the girls. Where was I going to get the energy to run 7k? It was after 7 pm already!!!!

I went and did a few things and decided to go run after convincing myself I should do it. Run whatever distance I could manage. Really, I wanted to run at least 5k but anything more than that would be a bonus. I could always add more kilometres to another run this week to make up the distance.

Once geared and Garmin’d up, off I went.


Good lord, my heart was POUNDING and my lungs felt like I was running for the first time in my life! Apparently, I was running too fast for comfort during that first kilometre and finished it under 6 minutes! Woah, I thought, you need to slow down or you’re not even going to make 5k. 

After shaking out my legs a bit and getting into my grove, I was running at a comfortable pace. Even pushing it at times. Just before the 5k mark I realised my time was rather fast for me and that I was close to a sub 30 – 5k so I pushed it even more and voila! Got it done!

My next kilometre was much slower but I still managed a really average pace for the full 7k 🙂 I felt so great after my run…even with the massive amounts of sweat dripping from my body!

july 22 run

Also, I wouldn’t mind if this happened:

eye of the tiger

I’m kinda of considering doing this some day to some other runners 🙂

Have you had a recent run change your mood?

Ever not really want to run and have it turn into positive experience?

Would you love it / hate it if someone drove by you playing “Eye of the Tiger” while out for a run?

21 thoughts on “Running Can Change You

  1. I have to say I WOULD love some eye of the tiger blasting out a window for me!! That would be awesome!!!!! sometimes it really is those oh crap I do not wanna that turns into a great day!!! yay!!

  2. Haha! I have definitely had days were a run has totally turned my day in the right direction. I think we all would be lying if we said that never happens 🙂 Usually at least once each week there is a day where I’m all, do i hafta?!? And then I go out, do it and feel so much better.

  3. If someone blasted “Eye of the Tiger” while I was running I would giggle for sure and then pick up the pace for sure… Glad you convinced yourself to get out there and run.

  4. SuzLyfe really nailed my thoughts. Many a time I get a late start because I look for every reason not to go. Then I convince myself to not be such a blob and go. Most of the times it is the best decision I make for that day.

  5. I am glad you had an awesome run! Once in awhile we really need one of those! Yesterday’s run was a great one for me- and I needed it. I was due. I haven’t been feeling very confident lately but yesterday helped!

    If someone played Eye of the Tiger while I was running I would double over laughing! 🙂

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