Hilly Running, Garmin Failure & Sprinkler Fun

Life has been pretty laid back lately and I’m loving it! A few road trips, a new niece, rain storm after rain storm, running and finally the SUN!!!! It came out to play today!

I decided I needed to start doing some hill work once a week. Most of my runs involves 1-3 hills depending on what direction I decided to run in. Tuesday, I decided to make the whole run about hills! A little 5k morning run took me out of my subdivision and towards three hills of various grades.

The furthest and shortest hill from my houses I ran up three times, then the middle hill I did twice and the last hill I ran up once and kept going until I got home. It was a little slower for me but it was hill training. Managed around 33 minutes – can’t complain.


I had to update my Garmin and lost my last 7 runs 😦 Luckily, I could upload my stats from Saturday’s long run (13k) manually since I took a few photos post run. After fooling around with it, all my runs uploaded on Garmin Connect without me knowing – can’t complain there either.

Today, I had great plans of getting up early and running 7k before the girls got up. Around 7:50, all four of us were in our bed not really wanting to get up. The girls were ready to get the party started but Saï and I were not. Breakfast…breakfast was the party, not running 7 k. I was exhausted and it was wet outside so I decided to be lazy.

However around 11 am, I decided that I should run before it got too hot as the sun was just coming out. So off I went, on the highway near my house and rocked out 7k in 43 minutes….again, I can’t complain.

july 29th

I can complain about this – DRIVERS – PLEASE look both ways when in a cross walk/side-walk. TWICE, I had two drivers look at me coming in their direction, pull out in front of me, pause, then proceeded in front of me. I could have touched their car / truck I was that close. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE – I’m pretty confident people in the cross walk and side walks have the right away. Man, I was pissed! That’s my only complaint.

The girls and I managed some afternoon fun in the sprinkler while Saï took a nap (shift work isn’t easy on sleep). FYI – Hilary hates water on her face and it took a little work but she ended up loving the sprinkler. We spent at least 45-60 minutes running through it – yes, I did too!

sprinkler fun

We had a blast and I’m hoping to get a few more runs and workouts in this week as it’s an easy week on the schedule! I’m supposed to “race a 5k” Saturday but I don’t have a race to do and will have to resort to my treadmill for that run.

How‘s your week going?

Ever have issues with your Garmin? (if you have one – or Polar or Tom Tom etc.)

Enjoying the sun or are you having rainy, crappy weather?

10 thoughts on “Hilly Running, Garmin Failure & Sprinkler Fun

  1. Drivers make me nuts with that behavior at intersections. The other day I ran 6 miles outside and came home and announced that until the baby arrives I am running inside when I am not coaching. It is just too dangerous and I’m not as agile as I once was. Great work on the hills. So hard to motivate. And great choice staying in bed with the family. Some days that is the way to go.

  2. Awesome hill workout!! I have one on the agenda for tomorrow and you got me all pumped up for it. I fear that my Garmin is going to crap out on me soon. It’s given me some really weird issues and it’s been happening more and more frequently lately! I have the old triathlon one, the orange and gray. It’s the 310XT. I love it and I’ll cry. I will also buy the same one again! I just started drafting a post on drivers today. They piss me off and got me really upset today!!! Ugh! It’s been hot, hot, hot here!

    • Hope your hill workout was awesome! I think I’m going to continue doing that each week and maybe add to it as I can. I have my eye on the Forerunner 220 for a while now…still just waiting for mine to crap out. The F 10 is good for what I need but with all the new changes, mine is kind of lacking now.
      Drivers – they just don’t get it!

  3. I have the same Garmin as you, and I have to say that it is a little bit of a b*tch. I miss my old giant Forerunner 305! It was huge, but I loved it!
    I have no clue what the weather has been like in Chicago, but it has been hot and humid and hilly here in Georgia! I’ve had to pull WAY off my pace. Which is discouraging, but it’s either that or dying… soooooo….

    • My husband has the 305 and it’s massive! I’ve used it a few times a while back and didn’t like how big it was…but I did like the HR monitor. I have my eyes on the Forerunner 220 – some day!!!! Sure hope Georgia has been treating you well 🙂

  4. I haven’t updated my Garmin yet, but I know I need to. I will definitely make sure I have all my runs uploaded to Garmin Connect before trying. It’s been hot, humid, and stormy here. I’m worried that a storm might roll in tonight and cause run club track workout to be cancelled, but if it does, I’ll just head to the gym and do some treadmill intervals instead.

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