Running in July

I have to admit, the month of July was pretty awesome! I always love July as it starts off with Canada Day and it’s also my birthday month – you can’t go wrong there.

Running in July was completely different to the first six months of the year {understatement}. As I sat and waited…every…dam…day for my hamstring to get better, my running took more and more of a back seat. Really, there was nothing I could do. Even after going to a Physiotherapist for 3-4 months, a massage therapist for 4 months AND an Osteopath for a month or so. Well really, I then switched to a Sports Physiotherapist and saw results right away! Lesson learned!

In July, I managed to run 122 km!!!!! Seriously, this is a crazy amount for me because from January to June I ran anywhere between 12 and 72km (varying per month).

A fun running moment happened last week as I was running up a hill. On the other side of the road an older man (60ish) was walking down the hill and I looked up and gave a wave and said hello {cause that’s what we do} and he had the biggest smile on his face and he gave me a thumbs up and a head nod. Made. My. Run!

garmin july mileage

I’m half way through my 3rd half marathon training and really enjoying it! I feel like there is no pressure, I’m loving my rest days on Monday/Friday and I’m starting to feel like my old running self. I’m starting to do a little hill training and some speed work (fartlek’s mainly) that is not scheduled in my training and hopefully going to do more cross training as the weeks go by.

I’m already starting to think about my 4th half marathon in October which is about 5 weeks after my September Half. I’m trying to figure out training in between the races – got any advice to share? And, I *might* sign up for a 5k in October but I am waiting another few weeks to decided that.

How was your July?

Anyone run back to back half marathons (a few weeks apart?)

Best moment in July for you? (running or non running related)

18 thoughts on “Running in July

  1. I am so happy for you! What a lovely read. I was just told no more running for at least the next week (the baby is trying to make an early appearance). But I too had a lovely July. It is a great reminder of how lucky we are. So glad to see you back at it and loving it! Best feeling ever.

  2. Holy cowww 122km!! You’re back!!! July was good for me because I fired my coach and went back to training the way I love to train. I was getting slower since I was with him and I don’t necessarily know that I’ll get faster now but I’m back to loving running, which I was missing!

  3. Sounds like you made a great return to running this month! 122 km is incredible. Injuries are tough, but they make you grateful to run once you can again. Good luck with the races!

  4. This is a very happy smiley post. πŸ™‚ I like it.

    July wasn’t bad for me. It’s taking some time to adjust to the insane heat and humidity and not to mention racing in NL in gloves. Yeah we won’t talk about that craziness.

    I did the Blue Nose 1/2 (when I was sick) and then the Johnny 1/2 three weeks later. It felt very close together for me but my body was recovered.

    • Running in gloves in July is crazy! We sure had a dip in our weather that week!

      Do you have any advice for training? Should I take a week off and then pick up training 4-5 weeks out (from my last training plan)?

  5. I’m glad you’ve had a good month! πŸ™‚ I’ve managed to get to my monthly target this month which was a great relief! Onwards and upwards now (hopefully) & I got a lot of answers and help from my physio too. July was pretty good, hoping August is better ☺😊

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  7. Ah, back to back half marathons.. I may be doing that this fall, on back to back weekends, no less! I think once you put the training in for the first one, it’s just a matter of taking recovery seriously, and maintaining some fitness in between.

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