MRW Half Marathon Training Week #6

Welcome to August!

To be honest, I can’t believe we already here! July just seemed to go by way to fast. I’m also still surprised that I managed 122km of running last month – happy mother runner right here 🙂

Week #6 of Half Marathon TrainingWhat was Planned VS. What Really Happened:

Monday July 27th – Rest Day – Rest Day – rocking my Mondays!

Tuesday – 5k – 5k of hills around 9 am. This was a HOT run and I was regretting that I planned to run the hills as I was doing it but thankful after I finished. I ran this around 33 minutes.

Wednesday 7k – 7k at 11:11 am This was another HOT one! I decided to wear a hat and sunglasses and I’m pretty sure that’s what saved me on this run. I figured it was just going to get hotter as the day went on so why not get my run done before noon.

july 29th

Thursday 5k – 6k on the trails and did a little speed work aka Fartlek’s. Again, this was a last-minute decision to run and I left the house around 10 am. I figured running on the trail would give me a little shade from the HOT sun.

Friday – Rest Day – Rest Day/Cross train. I mowed the lawn around 9am and was drenched in sweat afterwards. I’m totally taking it as a cross training day 😉

Saturday – 5k Race – 6k Treadmill Run. This run was terrible! I dislike every moment during the run. It was supposed to be a 5k race but that wasn’t able to happen so figured I’d run between 7-10k just to get a nice long run in! Nope – that didn’t happen. What can you do?

Also – we spent the morning at the Zoo and then afternoon running through our sprinkler – this could have added to my lack of enthusiasm for running on the treadmill.


Sunday – Cross Train – Nothing!

I was feeling 100% down in the dumps on Sunday and I still don’t know why. I had great plans of taking the girls to a local beach but I couldn’t bring myself to do even that. I am hoping it’s because I’m just beyond exhausted and I will feel better Monday. Blah!

Overall: I started off the week pretty strong but feel like I slipped once the weekend hit. I’m impressed that I did some hill work AND speed work and am going to continue to do those on my Tues/Thursday runs.


  • Randomly choosing to run mid morning – no stress of early morning runs or fitting it in at the end of the day.
  • The thumbs up from a stranger as I ran up a hill on a HOT HOT run.
  • Playing in the sprinkler with our girls – it’s not just for kids 😉

Low point – Saturday & Sunday.

Week 6 # of km: 24

Total KM of training to date: 156

Looking forward to this week:

  • More vacation and running in PEI
  • The Beach
  • Being with my family.

In case you missed it; Week #5 Update here. Bring on week #7 – this one is going to be all over the map in terms of following my schedule but it’s all good! 

How was your weekend?

Anyone race?

Anyone participate in the Not Since Moses Race in Nova Scotia? Check it out here!

12 thoughts on “MRW Half Marathon Training Week #6

  1. Weekends can be tough to stay on schedule, don’t beat yourself up. My weekend was pretty great–lots of friends, lots of time outside, and a little bit of running 🙂

  2. 122K in the summer and with kids is awesome! I love to play in the water too. Last week, I pulled off my shoes at the end of my tempo and went into the splash pad with a bunch of preschoolers. The parents watching must have thought I was crazy but my feet sure felt happy after.

    • I’m pretty happy with my 122 km of following my training plan. You know sometimes we just have to embrace “silly play” in a splash pad or sprinkler. I’m sure those parents thought “she’s a genius…as she’s not going to be hot!”. Good for you!

  3. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you logging these KMs!!! You’re doing GREAT! I had a day last week where I was completely down in the dumps and couldn’t bring myself to do anything either. I hope you’re feeling much better now. ❤

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