Little Thoughts on having a Mother Runner

I always wonder what our daughters think of my running. They’ve always cheered me on at my races that they can come to, they constantly say “go mama go” when I leave for my runs and they always stretch with me after my long runs. Recently, I came across this running questionnaire from Happy Fit Mama and thought it would be fun to do!

Lilly is 5 and Hilary is 2.5 years old. This is what they said…


Our two hams at soccer the other night

1. What does Mom eat before she runs?

Lilly – Umm, nothing.

Hilary – Spinach. {Not even close}.

2. How far does Mom run every day?

Lilly – A long run, 22 kilometers. {ha ha – no way!}

Hilary – Shrugs her shoulders at me!

3. What was mom’s favourite Race?

Lilly – Valley Harvest; because I ran it too! {This was an awesome race for me}

Hilary – Shrugs her shoulders again.

PR VHM Finish photo

4. Why do you think your Mom runs?

Lilly – Because she likes to run.

Hilary – To eat her dinner! {Not a bad answer!}

5. What injuries does your Mom have from running?

Lilly – Her leg. (Yes dear, you are correct…mama’s had a hamstring injury for 6 months)

Hilary – On her knee (Hilary recently had a boo boo on her knee – apparently, I do too!)

6. Do you like going to Mom’s Races?

Lilly – Yes. Because I can watch Mommy and I have lots of fun.

Hilary – Yeah, because you have to.

7. Have you learned anything from having a Mom who runs?

Lilly – To run super fast! {ha ha}

Hilary – Shakes head no.

8. Does having a Mom who runs make you want to run?

Lilly – Yes. I love running too!

Hilary – Yeah.

{YES!!!!!!!!, Happy Mama!}

9. Whats your least favourite thing about having a Mom who runs?

Lilly – How sweaty she is after her runs.

Hilary –  Mommy is just sweaty.

july 9th run

Sweat fest “runch” a few weeks ago!

I can’t argue with them on this one!

10. Do you think you’ll run when you are your mother’s age? (How old do you think your mom is? (I’m 35)

Lilly – (35) No!!!! I won’t run when I am 35 because I am only 5. (I asked again) She said “No, I’m going to be all kinds of other things too when I am 35” {Love this answer!}

Hilary – (5) Yeah, I’ll run.

Well that was fun! How would your kids answer these questions (or little one(s) in your life). 

Lilly thought this was a cool questionnaire and I’m pretty sure Hilary didn’t really care about it 😉