Hamstring Update and Crow Pose Again

Alright, THIS is the post I’ve been waiting months…no, waiting 8 months to write! I’m officially all done with physiotherapy on my hamstring!!!!

No more Acadia Sports Therapy Clinic for me!

No more Acadia Sports Therapy Clinic for me!

On Tuesday, I met with Chris one last time. After some tests, heat/currents and CUPPING {just for good old times}, he said I was done! 🙂 Happy, happy, happy, I was! This was the longest I’ve ever been on the injured list even with all the years of playing competitive soccer and other sports. 6 months in pain and 8 months trying to get better.

Now it’s all about maintenance of strong muscles, training for half marathons and cross training. I’m planning on doing daily PT exercises but alternating every other day between the three {bridge, hamstring curls with a band and bird/dog}. Yesterday, I decided to go to yoga at lunch since my work schedule wasn’t too busy.  The class was “Hatha Renewal” which really didn’t mean much to me so I had to look up the description:

“Hatha yoga incorporates pranayama (breath), asana (body) and dhyana (mind). Cultivate balance mid-week in this gentle, meditation-in-motion hatha practice. Expand awareness with fluidity and grace by exploring the breath and the mind to experience the body. While suitable for beginners, this is an hour to enjoy for all levels of experience”. My Yoga Space Website.

I forgot to bring other footwear so I was force to do the walk of shame – during lunch time & farmer’s market day – across the street from my office. *head down*


The instructor was a lady named Joy who was actually my prenatal class nurse from when I was pregnant with Lilly (5.5 years ago); she has since retired from nursing. It’s been fun to see her at some glasses but really nice to actually take a class from her. I wasn’t too sure what I was going to get out of the class {really, I never am} but I just needed to stretch and feel good. And that was delivered!

I really enjoyed the class and even attempted crow pose again for the first time in months! She gave me one little tip {look forward} and that changed the pose for me and I held it. I also fell onto my elbow and have mat burn but it was so worth it! Looks like I’ll be getting back to practicing the crow pose more often!

And……..I ran last night too! My legs were heavy at the beginning of last night’s 8k run. I have been pushing the speed on the treadmill lately and my body is loving it! However, even though I am running in our cool basement it’s still warm running. My little green fan was a life saver last night!

Aug 12 run

My happy hamstring is done with cupping! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yogis – do you go to the same class or change it up?

Ever go to a class you’ve never been to before?

How often do you do double workout days?