Maritime Race Weekend Week #10 Training Recap

After I wrote the title to this post, my stomach turned over! I think I’m getting nervous! Only two more weeks and I will be running my first race of the year and 3rd half marathon!!! It’s really odd to be saying this will be my first race of 2015 but after being injured that’s what happens.

I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m a little weak in the knees, ha ha! I’m kidding….actually, I’m not. I’m really nervous about Maritime Race Weekend. On the Friday night, I’ll run 5k and have fun but Saturday I’ll run the half and be a little more serious about the hilly course and distance. I will write about my goals for the race soon but for now…….

Week #10 Training 

What Was Planned vs. What Really Happened:

Monday August 24th: Rest DayHad a 1 hour massage …felt great to really relax!

Tuesday: 5k6k Treadmill Run. Not sure but for some reason I just kept running past the 5k and had a good treadmill run. Nothing to write home about but got it done.

Wednesday: 8k10k run outside. I totally paid for a babysitter (who’s my awesome neighbour) to stay with the girls while I ran as they went to bed! This was THE BEST RUN I’ve had in a LONG time! After weeks, no at least a month or more of struggling, I finally ran at a solid pace and felt good doing it! {1:00:30}


Thursday: 5k7k of rolling hills! Love the new rolling hills road I found basically in my backyard! Again, I paid for a babysitter….I wanted to avoid my treadmill and get outside.

aug 27 run

I switched the next few days up a bit since Sai wouldn’t be home until late Saturday afternoon. I wanted to do my long run outside early in the morning, not on the treadmill.

Friday: Rest DayRest Day and PT exercises as my leg {hamstring} is a little sore. Hoping it’s nothing. Called my PT and waiting to hear back from him.

Saturday – 18k Long RunRest Day and PT exercises. My leg needed a rest day which was good because Sai wasn’t home and I didn’t want to run 18k on the treadmill. Also, I didn’t want to do any cross training just rest.

Sunday: Cross Train 18k Long Run completed! This was such a great run for so many reason.

1 – I ran with Krystol, my running buddy who’s the most laid back running partner one could as for. She’s great, she’s encouraging and just a great person to spend 2 hours running with (any time of the day) but especially at 6am!

2 – Our pace was comfortable and we talked the whole time. Well…..maybe not up the few challenging hills/inclines for me but we quickly resumed talking once we had recovered.

3 – Up at 5 AM and out the door at 6 AM in the dark, finished just before 8 AM with a cool breeze and my kids/husband JUST getting up!!!!

4 – My leg was good…yes, I’m talking about my hamstring that started to bother me after pushing my pace a little too much earlier in the week. My right glute (with the unhappy hamstring) was a little tender around 15k but was okay.

5 – I ran 18k in 1:55:22 – WOAH!!!! Last year I ran it in 1:49 and 1:51 so I feel I’m right on track. I’m not planning on pushing my pace any more for Maritime Race Weekend Half. I’m completely content with today’s pace and would be happy with that in two weeks time. That would have me finishing around 2:10 – 2:15… IF…if all goes well.


Overall: This was a GREAT week for me. I loved pushing my mileage, my pace, running rolling hills and running with Krystol for our long run.

Highlights: It’s a tie with my 1:00:21 {10k} on Wednesday and my long run Saturday {18k} – both were great!

Low points: Feeling as if did something to my hamstring 😦 I know, I know. So far, it’s good…not bothering me after my long run which is positive.

Weather: The weather took a turn for the best this week! Much cooler temps allowed for me to run FAST again!

Total week #10 km: 41

Total km during training: 293

Looking forward to this week: My long run on the weekend and focusing on PT exercises.

Week #9 recap……just in case you missed it.

Has the weather been better for you running?

Like or dislike running rolling hills?

Do you talk when you run with others or keep quiet?