Started September Off with a BANG!

Since August was such a fun month between vacationing in PEI, swimming in the ocean, running in the heat and humidity, I thought I’d start September off with a BANG!

Tuesday night, I went to the hospital right after work. It wasn’t kid related {thank goodness} but it was for me. You are probably asking “what’s wrong now?” Well, I was having some serious pain in my right foot and it wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t walk without being in pain. Then I got a little panicky. I had run 18k on Sunday and could barely walk Monday and Tuesday without being in a lot of pain.

I went prepared with some food, books and I had my phone. I ate all my snacks and got bored reading so I started reading running related articles from a few Facebook groups. In the end, I ended up having an x-ray it was confirmed that I DIDN’T have a stress fracture! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! However, the Doctor couldn’t explain the pain I was having, said I could keep running and hopefully it would get better on it’s own! Okie, dokie!

Lilly made this for me while I was at Emerg.

Lilly made this for me while I was at Emerg.

It’s better today but I’m taking it easy tonight and not running {again}. One more long run on the weekend and then *fingers crossed* my foot doesn’t hurt again. I’m feeling good about Maritime Race Weekend 5k & Half Marathon.

I did managed to get a large amount of kilometres in this month, the most this year! I think I loved the month of August because we had a lot of family time outside. The weather was a little unmanageable at times but still awesome summer weather.

Taken in Charlottetown, PEI.

Taken in Charlottetown, PEI.

September brings some new adventures for our family as Lilly will start school tomorrow! She’s very excited and can’t wait to go! Hilary’s a little upset she’s not going but will be the big kid at day care now.

I’m exciting to finally run my 1st race of the year which technically will be the 5k at Maritime Race Weekend. I’m nervous about my 3rd half marathon but so looking forward to the people, the route and just enjoying running 21.1km after being injured for so long.

So, here’s to September! {Pretend I’m holding a glass up to you!}.

How was your August? Did you get any vacation? Run any races?

Any big plans for September?

What are you looking forward to the most this month?