You Can Do Everything Right Only To Have It All Go Wrong

Where do I start?

I sprained my foot. I can’t even put an explanation mark after that as I just don’t have the oumph to do so. Let me back it up a bit.

Last Sunday, I ran an awesome 18k with Krystol. Great pace, great conversations, nice route – really it couldn’t have been any better. Woke up Monday with lots of pain in my right foot when I walked; all day. Same thing Tuesday. Went to the hospital, got an xray – no stress fracture, no broken bone and no advice other then it will eventually get better. Meh!

Stayed off my foot Wednesday, went for a bike ride Thursday night and didn’t notice anything wrong with my foot. Friday, my foot was fine so we drove to Halifax to visit my family and for me to attempt a run.

The plan was 19k, in reality I was hoping for 10k and test out my foot as it was feeling better. Nope, not the case. At 2.7k I had crazy pain, turned around and walked home. I got cold after a while and started running – no pain, so I kept going.

Around 8k all I could think of was how easy this run felt. How I felt like I was gliding over the pavement as the sun was beating down on me. I thought about how HARD my runs were at the beginning of this training cycle – man did I struggle with 5k. When did 10k become easy for me because I surely didn’t see that coming. I also didn’t see pain in my foot coming either.

At 9.3k I had shooting pain to the point that I couldn’t walk. I took a few minutes and walked up a hill and then passed my old Elementary school and called home….“can you please come pick me up, I can’t walk”.

With tears rolling down my face I sat on the curb and saw a man run by me twice. I saw how hard he was working for his run and I’m sure it was awesome with the look he had on his face. My upcoming half marathon came into my thoughts and I cried a little more. FUCK! What have I done?

After months of being injured with my hamstring, now this. Why me? Why now? What did I do wrong? I’ll probably never know when it actually happened. I called my husband and emailed my running buddy, Krystol….both feeling terrible I was in so much pain.

I was in A LOT of pain; shooting pain and worse then before. I asked my sister to take me to the hospital so I could get it looked at … again. Yes, again. God love my sister, she drove me there and waited with me for 3-4 hours – thank you, Laura….I’m sure it’s not the way you really wanted to spend your Saturday morning or hours hanging out with me. The beach would have been the better choice.

In the end, I have a sprained foot/torn ligaments and can’t do anything but rest it. Light activity for a few days and judge how it’s feeling vs running. Take an Ibuprofen for the pain and maybe some Physiotherapy will help. The Doctor also called me a “high-endurance athlete”… ha ha, that made my sister proud and me laugh.

I had lots of thoughts go through my head. Is my half marathon out the door? Will I even go to Maritime Race Weekend? Should I volunteer? What if I walk the 5k? I wanted to dress like a pirate and be apart of the running community darn it, but could I/should I go? Would I even enjoy myself or just feel sorry and cry more?

anna sept 5th run

I also posted my run on Facebook, Twitter and IG – cause that’s what we blog runners do and they are all linked together. Not for attention, not for comments, not for anything but sharing my run of the day. What I wasn’t expecting was people I haven’t met in person but have built relationships online to respond with such caring thoughts. Which lead me to writing this post….with tears rolling down my face.

I’m so disappointed, so frustrated and so sad. I’ve worked hard to get stronger, to feeling good about my running after being injured for so long. Don’t get me wrong, I 100% understand that this is a minor thing to have happen with everything else going on in the world and am thankful for all I have. But…I am sad and should be allowed to feel this way (and write about it – this is my blog after all).

Luckily, I booked an appointment with my Physiotherapist a little bit ago for my hammy that’s been *a little* tender – nothing major. I’m hoping he’ll be able to give me a little direction and advice as to what do to. I’m confident I will not run my half marathon next weekend which is very disappointing.

You can do everything right in a training cycle only to have it all go wrong at the end. Frig. I feel like I did everything right and pushed it when I could. Today, I can wobble on my foot but it’s sore and not great. I was encourage to do “light activity” today so looks like i’ll be going for an easy walk.

Oh man I’m disappointed.