MRW Training Recap Week #11 & What Would Have Been Week #12

Thanks for all your comments on my last post. It’s been a hard few days wrapping my head around not being able to run again. Luckily, I’m surround by great people who are nothing but supportive and am able to keep moving forward.

Since I started training for what would have been my 3rd half marathon, I tracked it each week. I figured I’d share last week and what’s on tap for this week even though the half marathon is off the table.

Week #11

What was Planned vs What Really Happened:

Monday August 31st: Rest Day Rest Day. Pretty much nailed all of this. Mowed the lawn as I had the day off work, spent it with the family and in pain. My foot started bothering me in the morning but I could walk on it okay.

Tuesday:  5kRest day – A little visit to the hospital for my right foot pain. No fractures, nothing to worry about but a fair amount of pain in my foot.

Wednesday: 8kDid this strength training workout and some PT exercises. Foot felt okay, not sore to walk on.

Thursday: 5k11.74k Bike Ride. This was great. Just what I needed. Foot felt good, no pain.

Friday: Rest DayRest Day. Nailed it again. Drove to the city to be with family and attempt my long run.

Saturday 19k – 9.3kNot my day….you can read about it here if you missed it. Swam around my parents pool with the girls – THAT was lovely!

Sunday Cross TrainRest Day. Stayed off my foot other than to swim around a pool at a BBQ with the fam.

Overall: The worst week of training. Enough said.

Highlights: Bike ride of 11.74km.

Low Points: Two trips to the emergency department for x-rays. First trip the Dr. couldn’t tell me what was wrong and the second trip a different Dr. told me I sprained my foot/torn ligaments.

Weather: Perfect Running weather 🙂

Total Week #11 Km: 9.3  Total KM during training: 302   Week #10 if you missed it.

Even with a visit to my Physiotherapist today (for my hamstring) and a quick look at my foot, I’m not convinced I should run this weekend. The Race Director for MRW wrote me an email on the weekend as asked if would help hand out medals both Friday night and Saturday night. Before the email I was torn as to if I’d even go but once I received her email I knew it was something I had to do. When a race director emails you a week before the race because she read on your blog you are now injured…you take that as a sign you should be involved in your community.

I don’t get to volunteer very often with so if I can do so on a weekend that I already had planned to be there, then I should take the opportunity and give back. I’m sure I’ll shed a few tears as friends pass over the finish line and I’m sure I’ll be frustrated that I can’t run both races but running isn’t always about running the actual race.

I trained hard for this half marathon and put in my time. I struggled a lot in the beginning and came out feeling great about my pace and how good it felt to RUN again. I may have this NEW stupid injury but I’m not going to let get me down (at least I’m trying hard not to let that happen).


Week #12 would have looked like this…but is going like this so far:

  • Monday – Rest Day {Labour Day} – Swim in the lake with the girls/bbq and 9.37km bike ride after my husband said to me “you should go for a bike ride, I think you need it”…so I did. It was great.
  • Tuesday 5kPhysiotherapy appointment for my hamstring. No injury but it’s not happy and we got that all sorted out with a few tears of pain from cupping. Back in a week. He did a quick assessment on my foot since we didn’t have a lot of time left and taped it up. Thinks it’s my “Cuboid bone” that’s giving me problems and told me to run on it tonight …. yeah I’m not too excited about this run but I need to figure out what’s wrong with it and if the taping will help.
  • Wednesday: 3kMaybe on the treadmill if I have no pain.
  • Thursday: Rest DayI’m sure I’ll rock this day! Also, have to follow-up with my PT regarding pain level with my foot.
  • Friday – 5k RACEMaritime Race Weekend – I am VOLUNTEERING handing out medals.
  • Saturday – HALF MARATHON – Again, volunteering handing out medals.
  • Sunday – Probably cry….. 

That’s it. For more updates this week and weekend, check out my Instagram.

Hope you all had a great weekend. 

Are you volunteering this fall at any races?

18 thoughts on “MRW Training Recap Week #11 & What Would Have Been Week #12

  1. Hi Anna, I had no idea you were injured! What happened? I have not been reading blogs or blogging myself since I’ve been back to school because I feel like I’m trying to get my head around being back into the classroom after such a long time off. If you’re ever in around Timberllea and would like to bike I am totally up for that! I hope to see you at Maritime race weekend. Feel better 🙂

    • Honestly Heather, I have no idea when I injured my foot. I ran 18k a week ago and the next day and pretty bad pain. Took the week off and even more pain Saturday – was in Timberlea running actually – may have run past your house 😉 Anyway, my foot is sprained. Would love to go for a bike ride some time. Yes, hope to see you at MRW this weekend 🙂
      I’ve fallen off reading blogs lately too.

    • Will do 🙂 Yes, there is another half I’m signed up for October 18th and really hoping I’m good for that one. I’m supposed to pace the 1:10 – 10k Oct 11th as well. Managed a short run last night with no major pain – one day at a time!

  2. I’m really sorry to hear about this. I can’t imagine how frustrating and hurtful this must feel. I wish there was something I could say to make it better. There will be other races. I promise. I hope you have fun handing out medals – that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

    Speaking of other races, Susie asked the question I was going to: is there another half you can sign up for in October or November or December?

    • Thanks Hanna. Yes, I have a half Oct 18th and a 10k Oct 11th that I’m pacing the 1:10 finish. Hopefully i’ll be good to go for both!
      I’m looking forward to handing out the medals – it’s going to be a great atmosphere!

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