It’s RACE Weekend…Maritime Race Weekend That Is.

Not sure where to begin with this blog post so I’m just going to go with it. Tonight would have been my first race of the year….crazy, eh! And tomorrow would have been my 3rd half marathon BUT my body had other plans for me. {And, it’s okay}.

I’m humbled by all the comments on my few posts this week and greatly appreciate them all – plus those on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Who knew I could make so many people cry while reading my blog posts!!??!! 

Though I’m extremely disappointed I won’t be running both races {Tartan Twosome} at Maritime Race Weekend, I’m thankful to be volunteering. I’m looking forward to placing ribbons around runner’s necks while their bling {medal} sits on them with pride and accomplishment. I’m excited to congratulate them by name {yes, I’ll cheat by reading their names on their bibs} on their hard work and dedication after weeks of training.

I’m eager to see what it feels like to be on the “other side” of the finishing line; high fiving people I’ve never met, hugging my friends as they finish and probably shedding a few tears that I’m not with them. {yeah…my eyes are tearing up}.

The good news is that I’ve managed a few pain-free runs with my foot taped up. I’m scared to take it off and have that massive pain shooting in my foot / ankle and up my leg again so for now it’s staying on. Waiting for another opening at physio to fully understand what’s going on with my foot and how to make my “cuboid bone” happier.

My running buddy picked up my kit for me. I was hesitant to have her get it for me as it’s one of those things you get for finishing the race or so I thought. There is a tone of swag items and I even have my bib number #1699 – I’m thinking it could have been my lucky number. I won’t wear it as I don’t want to set it off when I volunteer at the finish line but I’ll put it with the other bibs I have as a reminder of the 11 weeks I put into training. I’m slightly mad that I’m injured and unable to run….I’ve got that….just wanna run until I can’t run anymore feeling going on and feel like I could challenge a full marathon right now. Ha ha, I know…that’s crazy but I just want to run.


Buff, thank, hat, socks and bib

There will always be another race (Valley Harvest 10k – 1:10 Pacer Oct 11th and PEI Half Marathon Oct 18th) and there will be another Maritime Race Weekend next year but no one can take away the time and energy I put into training for this half marathon. No one can take away the days {alright, months} of physiotherapy, massage therapy etc. trying to get my hamstring better. No one can take away that feeling of accomplishment even if I don’t run my race this weekend. I’m really proud of this training cycle I completed but I just won’t be able to do the “final long run” right now.

I’m bummed out and every time I see a picture online of the race I get a little more bummed out that I’m not actually running it. Don’t worry, I’ll get over it. This is just a minor hiccup for me right now.

I want to wish everyone running Maritime Race Weekend Good Luck! Especially………..

  • Krystol – my running buddy is going to rock her half.
  • My old friend Tracey 😉 whom I run with occasionally – good luck girl! Hope I get to put a medal on your neck.
  • Some pace bunnies: Heather and Samantha are going to bring people to the finish line in 1:50 and 2 hours, respectfully for the half. Natalie is pacing the 1 hour 10k and she’s 12 weeks pregnant!!!!!! Myles pacing the 1:00 – 10k; Melinda is pacing the 1:05 – 10k; Sandy the 1:15 – 10k.
  • And the many people I’ve met on social media platforms: Jennifer (Spandex McNumbnuts – isn’t that a great name!), @justtraceyinns, @okanaganflower, @mrsraynerparis, Kendra, Courtney and more.
  • Tracey R… a.k.a. SUPERFAN who’s running her first half marathon – sure hope I get to put a medal around your neck!

Sorry I know I’ve left lots off this list….but good luck!! Also, thank the Race Director, Michelle Kempton plus her amazing Pirate Crew that makes this event take off….and for letting me volunteer last minute to be a part of the day.

PS – It could be a torrential downpour Friday and Saturday……looks like I’ll be getting out my wellies and rain suit!!!!

Runners….keep an eye out for me at the finish line.

Everyone else – have a great weekend….I’ll be back with a Volunteer Recap next week.

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17 thoughts on “It’s RACE Weekend…Maritime Race Weekend That Is.

  1. I wish you could run it, but I’m just glad that you are healing. I’ve gone to a race that I was supposed to run (but didn’t) before, but not volunteered. At least you will still get to be part of the festivities!

    • I’m hoping choosing not to run is the right decision….I believe it is until I know what 100% wrong with my foot and not have to rely on tape! I’m really looking forward to being apart of this event…it’s so much fun and there so much hype in the running community here right now! Have a great weekend Suz!

  2. I am happy I still get to see your smiling face at the finish line, but I am sad that we can’t hit the start line together. When you were sidelined in May for the Bluenose and I passed you cheering, I started to look forward to MRW knowing it was our next race together, now I’ll have to think about making the trip to PEI…see you later tonight!

  3. So sorry to hear that you are hurting again. But you have great perspective, although maybe that didn’t come easy! Even though it sucks to not race, I guess it’s all about the journey. It’s great that you are volunteering y your time instead.

  4. That’s a nice package of swag, even if you can’t run! And it sounds like you have a great attitude about the whole thing. Yes it sucks, but you worked really hard this year and these last few weeks, and no matter what you should be proud!

  5. You have a very healthy perspective on the events and goings on with your injury. I really hope that if I get an injury I think like you. I tend to sulk a lot LOL. Keep your eyes peeled for me and hopefully I will catch a high-five from you or get a medal from you tonight or tomorrow. 🙂

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