The Struggle Is Real: Make It Happen

Well, you all know how much I have struggled this past year with injuries and it’s all because I love to be active! I got injured while play soccer which side lined me from training for many races over the past nine months.

As I was starting to get my hamstring better, I struggled with just running 5k’s! No lie, for the first 2-3 weeks each run was a struggle. It wasn’t always a struggle to get out the door, as I was keen on training for my next half marathon. This would have been my 3rd half marathon and a personal goal I had set for myself and was looking forward to the challenge. Life sometimes has other plans.

I’d pack my gym bag in the morning and lace up at lunch time to complete my “runch”, finish work and take care of the girls on my own if my husband was away. There were many nights of running on the treadmill after a full day’s work, dealing with the girls, dinner, dishes etc. Some nights I would get everything done only to remember….I still needed to run or do a workout. The struggle was real on those long days but the running and workouts never felt better!


My gym bag and stuff.

As I moved along my training, it started to feel better. The struggle was now all about trying to get the dishes done versus my running 🙂  Then, I sprained my foot and the tears just rolled off my cheeks as I saw my first race of the year slip away. How could this happen so close to a race I’ve trained so hard for?

Oh dear, the struggle was real and I’m sure if you’ve read my last blog posts you’d know how much I truly wanted to run at Maritime Race Weekend….not once but twice in the Tartan Twosome. Luckily, I was able to volunteer and be a part of the running community.

We all struggle but it’s really up to us with what we do with that struggle. We can choose to sleep in and miss that early morning run, we can choose to eat that box of chocolates (oh yes, I love my chocolates), we can choose to say I’m just too tired to run {insert your own workout activity here} and we can choose to do dishes over that training run.

To me, being active and living a healthy lifestyle trumps many other things in my life; like deep cleaning my house, laundry, mowing the lawn and the dishes can always wait until the morning. I’d rather go outside for a run or hit up GoodLife Fitness Gym when I can and take advantage of all their classes. I’d rather go for a run with my running buddy or workout at the gym with a friend then do it on my own – THAT motivation is the best!

My most recent struggle had me starting my workout (yes, last night) at 8:45 pm. You read that right, I started my workout as I kept putting it off. I knew I needed that workout for so many reasons and it felt great afterwards. In the end, I try to fit in work outs throughout my daily life and I make it a priority over other “things” after all I’m taking care of my physical and mental health. I choose to work through the struggle of being injured {AGAIN}! Somehow, I just Make It Happen!

Do you struggle to get your workouts in?

What motivates you to get active?


22 thoughts on “The Struggle Is Real: Make It Happen

  1. I always struggle to fit in work outs, because not doing them is much more attractive.. sitting, working, studying, cleaning, walking, pondering.. all seem to come first. As for motivation I have no idea what makes me go out, and sometimes it fails miserably but usually I get there. I sometimes utilise social guilt, I check strava and see all my friends & followers doing stuff, I read all your blogs and then I run out of excuses and start moving!

  2. Yes to all of this. I make my workouts a priority. There is a huge pile of laundry at home and a pile of dishes in the sink. I don’t care. I’ll get to it. My goal motivates me to get active! I have some time goals for my upcoming fall marathons and I want to see how close I can get to them!!! I know your struggle – and you get it done, sister! Love reading your recaps and all of your hard work.

  3. Ugh, the struggle is SO REAL. For months I was super busy with my show, so I didn’t do much training. But now, I’m just so happy to have free time again that I don’t always want to hit the gym or the pavement cause I’d rather be relaxing or spending time with friends. I’m trying really hard to find my motivation right now, but it’s tough.

  4. What a great post. I met a man through the MDA who has muscle disease. We were chatting about his attempt to get to base camp on Mt. Everest. I told him I was in awe and didn’t think I could ever do that. He told me that he could never run a marathon and that we all face our own struggles. They are all real and each is difficult in its own way. It really is so very true.

  5. My husband claims that my whole life revolves around my gym’s class schedule. Which is kind of a joke but kind of not. I think the best possible thing you can do for yourself and people you love is to be fit and healthy so prioritising workouts is the right thing to do. I would normally train at night but if I have a social engagement then I get my ass up early and go first thing in the morning.

  6. I have been sidelined with an injury for some time, so making running happen has been hard…esp with a new, demanding job.

    Today I’m starting fresh–with the hope of getting back into shape over the next few months so that I can train for a half in the spring!

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