Stress Can Be Powerful

It’s amazing how stress can take a toll on your body. It can shut you down completely or it can tick away at you slowly. I try to remain positive on this blog but stuff sure has taken a toll on me lately, maybe that’s why I keep getting injured when running. Or maybe I’m just unlucky this year….I say this year because next year’s going to be GREAT. {See what I did there, staying positive}.

The last few weeks have been slowly getting more stressful, whether that be because of work, kids, being a part-time single parent, NOT running, being injured, etc. This past weekend the stress just kind of hit me…you know…one of those knock you off your feet kind of blow to the body.

I literally felt the stress of everything take over my body this weekend. {Don’t worry, I’m okay and happy but I am feeling stressed}. This past weekend, the girls and I had nothing planned and it was fantastic…..or so I thought. I’m not getting much sleeping lately (thanks Fitbit for that tip) which makes me a cranky person. The girls are still young, don’t listen all the time, play with each other until they fight, have meltdowns for no reason and drive me nuts sometimes.

I thought going to the Zoo would be fun…so we did that Saturday and played outside. Sunday we made muffins, played outside riding their bikes and they hung out at our neighbours for an hour. I’m pretty sure she could see how exhausted and stressed I was. I’m pretty lucky to have such a great neighbour that the girls love to spend time with.

It was one of those weekends, the one where I live for 7 pm so I can put them to bed. The one where I think….I CAN run later tonight and I know I’ll feel better after that run. It was one of those weekends that you are not proud of yourself and apologies to your children – yeah, I did that!

Yesterday, I felt the stress just creeping through my body and slowly taking over any energy my body had left. However, I still had to make dinner, read to the girls and put them to bed before I could shut it down for the night. As I ate dinner my husband called and it was just what I needed. The voice, the silence of him listening, his responses made me feel better. In the end, he told me to go workout. Nothing better when your husband knows exactly what you need to relieve some stress.

Sept 21st workout

Ripped in 30 Level 30 in my Maritime Race Weekend tank.

Also, I’ve stopped using my Fitbit a few days ago…I don’t need to know how much I’m sleeping/not sleeping, I don’t need to know how many steps I’m getting. I just need to know how I feel when I am stressed out and that running/working out is a huge stress reliever for me. I got in a great 10k run on the treadmill Saturday…that runners’ high felt pretty good after that!

I’ve also tried to enjoy the best moments of my day. Like when Hilary woke up at 11 something the other night and I had to rock her back to sleep. Rather then being annoyed as sometimes we parents can do, especially after just falling asleep only to be woken up again, I soaked it in.ย She’s almost 3 and those days of cuddles are slipping away. So, I rocked her a little longer, kissed her cheek a few more times and yes, rocked her a few more times before I decided I should really go to bed. Secretly, I loved it and it made me feel better.

Last night’s workout was just what I needed.

PS –ย Mom, I’m fine.

Ever feel “stress” take over your body?

What’s your #1 stress reliever?

Side noteI get my foot taped later today at physio so you bet I’ll be heading out for a run ๐Ÿ™‚

Another side note I wasn’t sure I wanted to post this at all but being on social media this morning, I decided why not…life is life. Plus……I’m feeling a little fearless today…. #261fearless to be exact ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

9 thoughts on “Stress Can Be Powerful

  1. Oh yes I know stress and feeling overwhelmed. Running is my stress reliever but I’ve been injured too so I am not running as much as I would like to. I try to go out for short walks in the day (when time allows) to get some sunshine and fresh air. That helps.

  2. The PS to your mom is money–my mom would be freaking. I know all too well what you mean. My body broke down due to stress last year. There isn’t much that I can do from here, but just know that if there is anything, that I will gladly help!

  3. Oh yes. Sometimes I need to remind myself to cut myself some slack when I feel specially unproductive/tired/broken and just get some rest or leave something for tomorrow. I can’t run or exercise so I am somewhat coping but not really coping…. Oh well, we shall see in the next few weeks. For now, I am keeping my head up up up.

  4. My number one stress relief is talking with friends, then it’s running. Running often works for me in the moment, but if it’s something at home, I have to come back to it so talking usually is better for me. Hope things calm down for you soon and you feel less stressed!

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