Always Double Check Your Gym Bag

It’s been one of those weeks! Wednesday I had planned to run during my lunch and even managed to pack my gear bag before I ate breakfast….priorities, right. Ha ha. If I didn’t pack it before I left my bedroom, I would have probably forgotten to do so. I even told my husband the night before, don’t let me forget to pack my running gear.

Most of my running gear was ready to go in my bag. I guess I tend to leave a “set of clothing” in the bag and I already had my pink Asics ready to go. I even had my Garmin and Road ID. It was going be great…I’d get my “runch” in after a morning meeting and before my afternoon conference call. When I arrived back at my office around noon, I slowly pulled out my running clothing and started to make my way to the bathroom to change. Well, it seems I was missing something.


I left my sports bra behind! SHIT!!!!!!!! Seriously, how did I miss that one! Now, my sister jokingly said on my Facebook page – you should have used duck tape. Honestly, the thought crossed my mind. I had two running tanks and could have taped up the girls with one of those. That thought lasted a millisecond.

More Running……

It’s been a busy work week but Sai was home for a few days which made everything better…easy. I came home to dinner made one day and all the laundry washed and folded! Wednesday night, I was able to get out for a little 6k run with my foot taped. The tape didn’t feel great so I took it off after my run. Time to run tape free and test out the foot.


Arm sleeves and capris – brrr, it’s getting cooler!

Last night I was planning to run but wasn’t fully committed. Once we got the girls to bed, I decided that 8k was on tap. Really, I’m just following my training plan from my last cycle for two races in October (10k & Half). I kinda wanted to run outside but decided to run on the treadmill without my foot taped. I wanted to test it out and see how I can manage and be close to home in case shit hit the fan and I couldn’t walk at all.

I struggled with EVERY. SINGLE. KILOMETER!  Every single one was hard. It started with a stitch on my left side that wouldn’t go away until I hit 4km. Then I had to walk, slow the treadmill down my pace down. I even questioned if I should be running anymore.

I finally finished the 8k just under the 60 minute mark, sat down on the treadmill and cried! I wasn’t crying because my foot was hurting, in fact my foot felt good and still does today. I don’t know why I cried – maybe just out of frustration, being tired and just wanting to feel normal…you know, not feel like my body is fighting me.


After I wiped away the tears I sat down with my husband and had a good chat. I was upset at how every kilometer was a struggle, it was HARD. Running was HARD again. I felt like I’ve lost all my half marathon training. I felt slow, I felt like the two races I have in October aren’t going to be what I wanted them to be. He reminded me that every run is not going to be a good run {and I know that} but this one just SUCKED!

Oct 11th, I’m pacing the 1:10 – 10k runners, which should be a lot of fun but I’m not running that race for myself. I’m running that race to get others to the finish line in an hour and ten minutes. I’m even contemplating running another 6-8k after that so I can get one more long run in before my half marathon.

Oct 18th {PEI Marathon}, I’m planning to run the half marathon but am going to wait and see how the next few weeks go. If my foot isn’t good, I’ll run the 10k. If I’m feeling good about what training I have behind me and my foot is good, then I’ll run my half marathon.

Any running is good running, right…. RIGHT, I must remember this. Injuries come and go and some just stay with you longer.

What I’m looking forward to this weekend: A LONG RUN, a 3 year-old’s birthday party and time with my family.

What are you up to this weekend?

When was the last time you forgot an important piece of running gear?

Any fall races lined up?

9 thoughts on “Always Double Check Your Gym Bag

  1. I have totally forgotten necessary pieces before–shirts, socks, you name it. Always super frustrating, especially when you’re really looking forward to a run. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling a bit right now. Just keep at it! Like you said, at this point, at least you’re running!

  2. I’ve forgotten everything from shoes, shorts, bra, etc. Usually I just get creative and figure it out, but shoes are the hardest and usually mean having to go home and get them. Last winter I forgot my cold gear tights, but I wore cotton leggings to work so I ran in those. Totally froze my ass off and got really chafed! LOL!

  3. I hate when you feel like you have it all together and planned out and then realize you forgot something. The most common thing I forget is a towel for the gym. Yuck. But the sports bra has been definitely been forgotten several times too. Ugh.

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