Training Update for PEI Half Marathon

Alright, I’m ready for this…well, as ready as I’m going to be with my most recent injuries. I finally managed a long run on the weekend without my foot taped and woke up the next day with no pain when I walked. I’m loosely using my last training plan to continue getting ready for my 21.1 run on Oct 18th.

If you are new to my blog, here is a quick update: After finishing week #10 of training {you can read that here}, I woke up with a sore foot. Had an x-ray – nothing broken so a took 5 days off running. Attempted a long run and massive pain again – had another x-ray – nothing broken but was told I sprained my foot. I missed my MRW Half Marathon due to this injury as was not a happy runner. I got my foot taped while at physio for my hamstring; physiotherapist thought it was my Cuboid bone. So, I’ve had my foot taped for the last few weeks and just started running last Thursday with no tape.

This is how the last week of “training” went…

What was Planning VS What Really Happened

  • Monday: Rest Day Ripped in 30 Level 3 
  • Tuesday: Rest DayRest Day
  • Wednesday: 5k6k Outside 
  • Thursday: 8k8k Treadmill Run
  • Friday: Rest DayNailed it!
  • Saturday: 12-14k Long Run – 15k Long Run
  • Sunday: Cross TrainingRipped in 30 Level 4. My arms were so wobbly after (for hours!).

Saturday’s long run was to run 12 – 14 k to test out my foot. Last minute I wrote my running buddy who was busy getting ready for her daughter’s 3rd birthday party and asked her if she wanted to do a long run together early in the morning. She said sure!

We met around 6:30 AM just as the sun was starting to lighten up the sky. The plan was to run out 7k and turn back. She was going to run a few extra kilometres after we finished the 12-14k. We ran out 7.5 km as there is a garbage bin at that location and we wanted to dump our GU packages there rather than carry them.

My legs felt great. I struggled a lot on the way back. My quads were really challenged. My hamstring was probably cold from me wearing short-shorts. We chatted a lot and every once in a while I’d say “I’m going to struggle here”, so we’d slow down. Mainly, that was on a hill or L-O-N-G incline. We walked and talked some more.

sept 26th run

Have to admit – I’m pretty happy with my time/pace.

It was a hard run but a great run…just what I needed. My foot felt great during the run but a little off later that day. It was not painful or bad at all. Sunday, my foot felt great for most of the day. At this point, I just feel like I have a sore ankle (not cuboid bone) so I’m hoping to strengthen the muscles in my foot/around my foot over the next few weeks. Gotta get my wobble board out, oh I mean, take it away from the girls since they play on it!

And yes, later that afternoon we enjoyed birthday cake!

Total KM: 29

I’m feeling: Fairly content with my running this week. It was all about running pain-free.

Only TWO weeks until the Valley Harvest 10k (pacing 1:10 finish) and THREE WEEKS until PEI Half Marathon! I’m back to getting nervous!

How was your weekend?

Anyone run (training or race)? 

What are you wearing these days on your runs?

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