Ummm, So, It’s October Already!

When did this happen? September went by at the speed of light! I don’t know about you but the months just seem to be flying by. Oh September, you were supposed to be my month of my first race(s). You had such high expectations that crumbled quickly. Though you slowed me down, I did not stop moving forward with my running.

Post Treadmill Run Wednesday night:

anna sept run

Lilly started school…..


I got to volunteer (twice) at Maritime Race Weekend


I did a little cross training this month. I managed to get out on my bike a few times. I’ve done a few DVD workouts at home that have left my entire body feel wobbly. I managed 82 of km running, 50 km of biking and 5 Strength Training/DVD workouts! Not too shabby!

bike Sept 14

October 1st – Fast 5k in my Night Runner 270 Lights:

Well I finally had a FAST 5k outside! Last night I went out with my Night Runner 270 lights (and my vest). Some how I managed these numbers: 6:01; 6:09; 6:04; 5:52; 5:17! I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw 5:17 or anything close to that. Now, I’m not saying that’s going to happen again any time soon but that sure was encouraging!

nightrunner270 lights

I’m really hoping October is my month for running. I’m pacing the 1:10 – 10ker’s at Valley Harvest on Thanksgiving Weekend (Oct 11th) then we will eat all the food with family. After that, I have a trip to PEI {sans kiddies} for what I hope is my Half Marathon race. I have no qualms about dropping down to do a solid 10k if needed. I’m looking forward to just running 21.1 on my own, in a somewhat new place and a out-of-Province (destination) race.

How’s was your September?

Any big plans for October? 

14 thoughts on “Ummm, So, It’s October Already!

  1. Aww! First day of school! So cute. Seriously. I saw people signing up for Grandma’s yesterday and was confused. I didn’t realize it was October. Yikes! I have a feeling October is your month. Get it, girl!!

  2. I love to see people staying positive. October is going to be a fabulous month I already know it. Thanks How adorable is the back to school pic!!!

  3. I was supposed to run the half at valley but am dropping down, no sense running the distance if I am not ready, so you will make the smart decision for PEI.

  4. I cannot believe it’s October already. This year is just whizzing by! My September was good, jam-packed with stuff, though not as much running as I would have liked. I’m hoping October has lots of miles in store 🙂

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