One Week Out From PEI Half Marathon

Happy {Canadian} Thanksgiving! We had our big family dinner yesterday and I didn’t take any photos. I ran my first race of the year yesterday as a pace bunny and nailed it! Today, I feel like I have a hangover and I didn’t even consume any alcohol yesterday…..gotta get on the hydration today. I’ll do a recap of the race tomorrow….so many thoughts to write down so little time today.

One Week Out from PEI Half Marathon!

Actually, it’s less then that but who’s counting, right? Okay, I’m totally counting the days until I run my 3rd half marathon. This ride here sure has had it’s bumps, bruises and tears but I’m ready.

Originally back in September, I had been planning on taking a week off after Maritime Race Weekend {which I didn’t run due to my foot injury} and then getting back into half training. Well, the last four weeks were all about running pain free and getting through my long runs with no issues. I’m happy to say that I managed that. Last week went like this….


What was Planned vs. What Really Happened:

  • Monday: Rest Day – Rest Day
  • Tuesday: 5kVinyasa Yoga Class. So good but I hurt for days after!
  • Wednesday: 8k8k runch – this was a hard one!
  • Thursday: 5k5k paced at 6:50 and managed 6:48 at lunch.
  • Friday: Rest DayRest Day
  • Saturday: 19k Long RunRest Day / Ran 400m with Hilary at the kids run. Ran 2k at night to shake out my legs and tripple check my Garmin was good to go!
  • Sunday: Cross TrainingPaced the 1:10 – 10k @ Valley Harvest Marathon in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

pace bunnies

A pretty solid week and not once was I on my treadmill! I even managed to do three nights of baking – that’s what happens when you do your runs at lunch and have Thanksgiving dinner the same day of your race.

What I enjoyed about last week’s training:

Running outside with the sunshine beating down and the cool breeze in the air. Pacing the 10k at Valley Harvest was pretty awesome. I was nervous going in but absolutely love it. Again, I’ll write more about this tomorrow.

This week I’m planning:

  • Monday: Rest day (Thanksgiving Monday spent with family and traveling)
  • Tuesday: 5k (On the road all day for work)
  • Wednesday: DVD workout (On the road all day for work)
  • Thursday: 5k
  • Friday: Drive to PEI (5 hours) 3-4k shake it out run.
  • Saturday: Rest / Take it easy.
  • Sunday: 21.1 km RACE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m looking forward to this last week of training and racing next weekend. Off to spend the day with our girls and my family.

How was your weekend?

Canadians – when did you have your Thanksgiving dinner?

Anyone race Valley Harvest Marathon, Chicago or another awesome race?

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