Valley Harvest Marathon Kids Run Recap

I can’t forget to recap the kids run at the Valley Harvest Marathon last weekend! Lilly, our 5-year-old was running it for the third time but would run 800m on her own! Hilary ran 400 m with me right by her side! I was in my “Mother-Runner” happy place Saturday, that’s for sure!

We arrived at Acadia University around 1pm to pick up their race kits (shirts and bibs) and my race kit too. They had lots of stuff for the kids to play on inside (gym mats) and a large parachute that the girls took advantage of before we went onto the track.

VHM Kids Run 2015

It was really windy and rather cold and that combination just made things worse. It was Hilary’s turn to line up so off we went and waited for her start time at 2pm. We found lots of our friends and did some pre race photos, of course!

Since there were a lot of Under 5 year olds, they let us out in waves. Hilary was very serious but looking forward to running. She held my hand the whole time and didn’t walk once even when I asked her if she wanted to. She just kept running, pumping her left arm up and down. Sai was with Lilly and my Dad was running around the track and captured some photo’s and video’s for us.

After Hilary finished, Lilly lined up with her friend Ada. The held hands while me and Ada’s mother (Melissa) walked away! They were good to go! They ran two laps around the track and had nothing but smiles on their faces.

VHM Kids Run 2015 Lilly

Both girls had a blast and Sai, my Dad and I were frozen, ha ha! We went inside for an apple, cookie, chocolate milk and water. I love watching my girls run and I love running with them. I think our girtls think it’s just something everyone does since it’s what “Mommy and Daddy” do.

I love that Hilary was happy to run with me and amazed that she didn’t want to walk at all. And Lilly, I’m so proud of her running, running at her own pace and finishing with a big smile on her face. There is nothing better than seeing your children do something they love. We also got to watch some other friends run after us. Then the older kids ran different distances as well. The Valley Harvest Marathon – kids run is a great event….great job to the organizing committee on a very successful weekend!

Have you ever gone to a kids run? (It’s chaos)

Do your kids run in local events when you run?

7 thoughts on “Valley Harvest Marathon Kids Run Recap

  1. I LOVE THIS!! I love how kids can get involved running at such a young age. I think it’s such a positive event for them. It teaches them early on about hard work, motivation, goals, and work ethic. You are such a good mommy!!

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