Crow Pose & 21 Day Fix Workouts

For the last three-four weeks I’ve been taking it easy on the running front. One week was to recover from my half marathon and leg my hamstring heal again! The other 2-3 weeks were just balancing different workouts. It’s not that I don’t want to run {I do} it’s just that I’ve been enjoying doing other things. With intentions of getting my hamstring stronger again {since my half marathon} I’ve been doing more yoga and some strength training workouts.

One of my goals this year was to doe more yoga and then be able to hold the “crow” pose and I finally feel like I’ve achieved that goal! A few months ago, I went to a yoga class and the instructor gave me 1 tip that changed it all and allowed me to hold the pose more than a few seconds!

This past week in my yoga class, I got into crow pose and held it the longest to date without falling on my face {yeah, that still happens occasionally} or putting my toe down for balance. This class was different. There were 8 of us in a small space and of my two co-workers went as well. We’ve kinda made a workout pack but I’ll get more to that in a minute.

While in crow pose the instructor said for me to try and jump back into chaturanga. My first thought was…what is “chaturanga” but then I quickly clued into what that was as we do it all the time. My brain was so focused on not face planting that it took a few seconds to realise what she was telling me to do.

And then I just did it! I’m pretty sure I said “Oh” out loud as if I had a light bulb moment when I managed to go from crow pose to chaturanga. That was awesome! The instructor then spoke about “fear” and how sometimes that can hold us back. I 100% had the fear of face planting and once I was able to overcome that fear, I was able to jump back into chaturanga!

Workout Pack

Ever workout in a group of people? I’ve got my running buddy and from time-to-time when my schedule permits I run with running clubs. Runners – you all know how awesome the running community is. Well, it’s just great to run or workout with others. It can be motivating, encouraging, inspiring and can just get you off your butt when you don’t want to.

My co-worker a week ago decided we (three of us) needed to do the 21 day fix workouts with her! I’m all about getting stronger so I can run better and not become so injured again…so I was in. Plus, I do enjoy working out with others….a workout pack if you must.

Last Friday we started with “total body cardio fix” which really meant nothing to me until I was in the workout. It was hard but I didn’t know how hard it was until the next day when I couldn’t walk, sit down or go up/down stairs. For REAL! I was struggling! THAT struggle was nasty!

I go through Saturday {just} and then managed a quick 6k outside to shake out my legs. This WAS NOT pretty but just necessary for normal function of my body. Mainly to not hurt so much. I even hurt a bit on Monday when we did the “dirty 30” workout. WHAT WAS I THINKING?


Tuesday we hit up yoga {crow pose success} and then Wednesday was supposed to be “lower body” but that dvd didn’t work. So we resorted to “cardio fix” which is different from “total body cardio fix”. Basically, the only difference is you have no weights. It was by far, not easier than the other one.

Now, there is a LOT of laughter happening during these workouts with my two co-workers. And to be honest, there is a little swearing and bad-mouthing the video because we are struggling along and just waiting for those 20 seconds, really 15 seconds to recover in between sets.

After each workout we make a plan for the next day and today is actually a rest day for me because I have four meetings back to back. I’m hoping to run in the evening but I might just sleep 😉

Don’t worry, I haven’t given up on running. In fact my running buddy and I have decided to do a half together next spring/summer. AND…… might just be a Mommy’s weekend away (Saï and Casey take warning). I’m also toying with a few winter races and will start training for them soon but I’m not committing to them until I know what the weather will be. I’ll write more about that another time.

Oh, and I’m not doing the whole shakeology stuff – just the workouts and enjoying eating all my girls Halloween candy. The combination is completely wrong…….and I’m good with that!

What workouts are you up to these days?

How much Halloween candy have you eaten? (I’m officially sick of it now)

Do you workout with a group of people or solo only?

11 thoughts on “Crow Pose & 21 Day Fix Workouts

  1. I have to ask if your Workout Pack is like the Wolf Pack from The Hangover. I know, I know, I’m juvenile. I”m ok with it. I love crow pose. It is definitely the first pose that made me feel like a yogi when I got it!

  2. I’ll be honest…I held my breath in fear as I was reading your post…but then exhaled happily when I read: “Oh, and I’m not doing the whole shakeology stuff”. Enjoy making your body strong and being a normal happy human by eating halloween candy!! :))

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